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Posted by Cindy on Monday, September 12th, 2011

I wanted to write a little about 9.11.  It was a somber day of remembrance yesterday.  Our family lived in upstate New York when the tragedy happened. I did not know anyone personally that died, but my next door neighbor did.  My neighbor's friend had a son that worked at the world trade center. He was above where the plane hit and knew that he would not get out.  He was able to talk with his Mom before the collapse and say his goodbyes.  It still makes my heart ache to recall the events.

My kids were in school when the towers came down.  I was just heading out to run a couple of errands when my husband called and told me about a plane hitting one of the towers...I thought how sad, but did not think a lot about it because I had errands to get done... he called me again and told me about the second plane.

We thought about picking our kids up from school, but the school assured us that they were fine and our kids came home at the regular time.  My husband worked for a wireless company at the time and they were contacted by the state and asked to lend as many working cell phones as they had to NYC. They had 500. They drove them part way to NYC where they were picked up and transported via helicopter to emergency personnel. The school closed the next few days, but held a candle light vigil the next night. The community really came together. 

It took a few days to realize the magnitude of this event. It made us Stop. We did a lot of praying, a lot of soul searching and took comfort in the heroics of so many people.

Our family visited New York City a month later.  We took a subway ride as close as we could to ground zero and walked the rest of the way.  During the subway ride, even a month later, you could smell a change in the air the closer you got to ground Zero.  When we exited the subway there were immediate signs  of the collapse.  All the buildings had a light dust on them...plus there were blocks and blocks of blown out windows.  The actual site was blocked off with fences, but you could get close enough to see the area with the large cranes moving debris. Standing close to Ground Zero was a solemn event. All the people around us were respectful and courteous, most people exchanged sad smiles and the area was very quiet for New York City.  There were so many police officers out and about, their faces reflecting strain and profound sadness.

So yesterday reminded us of that tragic day, but it also reminded us of the goodness of people. Out of our deep despair, we came together as a nation. We showed more love for one another and took thought of what matters most in life. I think that is what I want to remember most.

Thanks for reading and God Bless.



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