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Posted by Cindy on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

We wanted to announce that we are not making it mandatory to use a Sew Together item in your Home Decor entry for our Contest.  When we originally planned the contest way back in January...we thought we would have all of our Sew Together items in stock. Since we are out of stock on some items and waiting till November for others to arrive, we decided to make it optional.  We would still love to see Sew Together embellishments in your projects, but it will not get you disqualified if you dont have with any questions.  Home Decor is anything you would use in your home!

Have you seen our new tutorial today on Cutting Corners?  Just posted, this quilt can be made in time for Christmas...and who on your list would not enjoy a quilt made out of Christmas Candy Fabric?  

Thanks AnneMarie for the fantastic tutorial.  Love the custom machine quilting in the background...all kinds of Christmas treats. How fitting.



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