Tea Party anyone?

Posted by Cindy on Friday, September 23rd, 2011

I wanted to show a few more pictures from the Creative Connection Event, especially pictures from my first English tea party.  I wish you all could have been there, these ladies where absolutely entertaining. I could see them featured on their own cooking show. 

This is Carolyn and Sarah.

And guess who they worked for for 10 years? Prince Charles and Lady Diana (during the 1990's). Carolyn was the family's personal chef and Sarah was Prince Charles personal florist. They said they were in the palace during the best years when the "boys" were young. Here was the description of the class....

"Carolyn and Sarah's class will demonstrate how a traditional English afternoon tea can be elevated to new levels of elegance, indulgence and enjoyment. Their innovative and creative approach to the intertwining of food and flowers results in food that is beautiful, aromatic and most of all delicious and flowers that are an integral component of the teatime experience as a whole. This is an eclectic mix of 'traditional old English' and contemporary. Both Sarah and Carolyn are passionate about the provenance of the flowers and ingredients that they use. Their simple approach always allows the beauty of the flowers and the flavours of the produce to 'speak for themselves'. This is a class for anyone who loves beautiful, quirky, original presentation and of course delectable teatime treats, with glimpses of some of the great Royal traditions...

   We all need a personal chef and a personal florist, don't you think?
Does it sound very English if I tell you how delightful they were, very lovely people.  Sarah is down right funny and look at the hat she made.  It is a hat made out of a tea cup.  The tea cup has flowers inside with little straw like wires coming to represent steam. English parties are all about the hats and Sarah would not be caught at a party without an original hat.
This little tea set is all they had room for in their luggage.
They also only had room for cardboard platters...but look how cute...they even had crowns on top.   First on the menu, cucumber sandwiches. 
Made with three different types of bread, herb cream cheese and cucumbers, the sandwiches where delicious. Apparently it is very English to put flags in food.   Back in the day, cucumbers where a sign of wealth, because only someone with an indoor garden could grow cucumbers year round and serve their guests cucumber sandwiches.
Sarah could not bring a large chair like she usually decorates with, so she brought this little chair and covered the seat with flowers. Carolyn made a lovely chocolate cake to place on the seat.
Pretty flowers with pretty food.  We all got to sample, the English scones- made with marigold flowers, lemon curd, chocolate icebox cake and of course cucumber sandwiches.
 This caked was made with edible flowers.
Well the party was over and we were on our own for lunch...we headed back to Cafe Latte for lunch.  I had soup and this tres leche cake...which was probably the best cake I have every had (sorry lemon).  I am making myself hungry posting this blog.
While we were enjoying our lunch, look at what drove by us on the street.  A pub on wheels.
 Have any of you seen anything like this? A "Pedal Pub"...people pay to pedal around town while they drink beer.  LOL, really!
The day was not over and I had one more class. It was taught by beautiful Julie Cove of www.alkalinesisters.com.  I learned some fantastic tips on nutrition and got some delicious healthy recipes, all of which are on her blog. I need them now because I am coming off a sugar high and I am looking for my stretchy pants.
I finished the day with a little shopping from "I Sew Lucky", yes there was a shopping section at the conference.
Who would have thought, owls made out of Christmas fabric would be so cute. (even better that it is Riley Blake Christmas fabric)
How about a "Hooty Hoot" and "All Star" Owl....had to have few of those.
 Well that's a wrap for the Creative Connection. We made new friends, this is Kari from U Create,
 ate some yummy food and came away feeling very inspired.



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