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never looked sew good!
Materials needed:
Less than 1.5 yds  for topper material ( same for backing)
No tools
Thread notions
And some lumber and felt pads.
If you have admired outdoor awnings as much as I, then you will love the ease of this indoor awning, that would suit any window in your home. ( I am now designing one for an 8 foot window under a window seat) That pattern
will soon be available too!
Our home is decorated in only 3 colors  --taupe walls, black case goods and buttercream furniture and accents. 
I chose this Tuxedo line with the yellow gingham from Fly a kite from Riley Blake Designs, it suited our décor perfectly. I also chose white for the backing of the awning and the black for the drop shadow of the EAT letters....
( both from Tuxedo as well)
Now you can choose any color that will suit
Your décor just be reminded that you will need only the width of your window to walls or cupboards, and that you will need white for backing and black for any shadows
If you decide to add any words.
I used a total of less than 1.5 yds
Already economical, agree? My window width between both cupboards was 41 inches so I cut 45 inches in length and kept the width of fabric as is… You want at least a couple inches on both
sides for your seams. You need enough fabric or draping, this will depend on how wide your cupboards and windows are.
In my case I only needed 45 inches and that allowed for my pocket seam at the top. More on this later..
Are you ready?
1.     You will need some
Pellon DECOR Bond 809...remember this...perfect
when you are seeking stability without would have
a hammock like awning...can't have that....
2.   Be sure to cut a bit more than needed because once
you begin ironing on your decor bond from the center out
you want to be sure you have enough to go to all edges..
Why do I know that? Don't' ask…
3.   Oh Look my Orange Reliable IRON, the perfect iron
to fuse on my layers...
To apply the Decor Bond to the top fabric, a pressing cloth
that is wet is the perfect solution. 
Again go from the center out to the corners...
4.   Once you have completed this, trim the sides of fabric. 
5.   Ahhh tried scalloped in the past using a  dinner will work but somehow you never quite get the perfect edges..
IN comes June Taylor scalloped ruler...I used the outer
layer since I did not want really curved scalloped...
just subtle...I like subtle....and it makes it easier
to stitch on the bias binding...( oh I am jumping ahead
forgive me) 
6.   Using a sharp pencil, I found the center of my fabric and 
drew my scalloped edge first to the left and then to the right...
7.   Ohhh my next favorite thing to add to anything I make..
Are words...EAT seemed appropriate for this one..
since it is over my sink and welcomes
everyone to my kitchen where they always want to EAT...
I chose chubby letters with nice edging printed them
off mirrored. I traced on WONDER UNDER by Pellon.
Have always used this one for appliqués...I always get
perfect results..
Send me an email and I can mail you any letters
You wish to print off and trace
I traced the letters out twice...once on black fabric and then
again on gingham to give me some shadowing effect. 
8.   After you have pressed the Wonder Under, it will be hot
S0 let it sit for about 10-15 minutes.Time for a coffee
break anyway. I do this because it gives it time to cool
and I find when I score the backing with a pin, it always
peels off easier when cool .....Ask my why- I know that lol.
9.   Now once you have ironed on your black letters, stitch
using any stitch you prefer...I like a blanket stitch 
and in this case I used black thread for my top stitch
and in my bobbin....good idea to do it will appear
invisible to the naked eye, even up close. 
10.Now add the gingham letters and iron on- moving letters to the it that 3D look...and I changed both my threads to a matching yellow and blanket stitched my letters on  top of the black....
11.  Now here is where I press the 2 layers again...smoothing it all out and now adding another layer of just plain white fabric for the backing....
Going to sandwich this like a quilt....To give it even more stability..
I vertically stitched starting from the center, one line 
and then moving over 11 inches on both sides of the center
stitched 1 line on each side...vertically again...YOU will be 
glad you did this...keeps your backing and top very smooth looking...
12.I cut 2inch on the bias Tuxedo top layer of fabric..
don't need this case I did 42 inches....
13.You are only going to add the binding to the scalloped edge. Now I don't usually PIN anything....but in this case because I wanted to get it perfectly edged...I stitched only 1/4 inch in....Through all 3 layers....
14.   Once that is done, this is where I trimmed the seams to 1/4 inch.. Now you are going to sew on your bias binding and pin or clip ….
15.I love Wonder thing much easier to sew when you are not trying to hold all the fabric in your hands. I then hand stitched the binding, like I would a quilt...
16.Now along the sides I turned in the seams
to the same width as the binding...
This way it is as nice on the outside of my window
as  it is on the inside. 
I machine stitched on the very edge of the seams on both sides.
17.Almost we need a pocket
for the rod ( I used lumber)  that will allow the fabric to be 
draped over....I cut 5 inches of WOF ( width of fabric)
pressed 1/4 seams and then stitched about 9 inches from 
scalloped edge.  I also turned top edge of awning 3 inches
with 1/4 inch seam and stitched that in place..
My other pocket for rod or pc of lumber. 
18.You can certainly use extension rods, but they can be 
very expensive, sew I chose some lumber that cost
less than $3.00 for an 8 foot linear piece...
This will not warp either like a doweling wood...
YOu will need 1 1 /5 inch by /5 inch and the width
of your cupboards or walls that your awning will
be up against...
I then used some felt pads and placed them 
at the ends...and then just wiggled it into place..
It will be a tight fit, and no hardware is needed.
This way you will not mark your walls or cupboards
should you wish to take the down someday 
for something else...
( I will not be...I am already thinking seasonal awnings) 
ps. be sure to cut 1/8 inch off your width 
to allow for pads....
19.And look what you will have....The sun still pours
in but it gives such a nice reflection that I can
hardly wait to make another for my large kitchen window
of 8 feet....I have a window bench there and I am thinking
SEW CAFE will be the perfect words to add to that one...
Ps. measure again, and again and again...
The results will certainly be worth it..
Love to see what you create
Send me a photo of it…
If you need any help I am but
An email away and even a call
Under Cover with Mdm Samm ( I have this pattern in 20 images...should you wish to see them all, please drop me a line and I will send you the pdf version of it) 
Thank you Mdm Samm! 
What a great project! 
Please visit her at

~See you next Wednesday for another GREAT tutorial~


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  1. Love this idea for a different type of looks so cute in a kitchen! Great tutorial.
    by Simple Simon and Co
    March 22nd, 2012 at 8:20 a.m.
  2. I like this. It's clever and different and doesn't seem to be too hard. A winner.
    by Diann Cornell
    March 22nd, 2012 at 2:12 p.m.
  3. I love this idea! I just made a pocket pillow for Easter using your fabric C6103 Sweet Divinity. There are some pics of it on my blog Now that I know where you are, I will be back often! Hugs, Susan and Bentley
    by Susan
    March 23rd, 2012 at 1:31 p.m.
  4. Sweet, simple and elegant! I love the subtle curved border and the letters look dimensional. It's perfect in your window, wonder how it would work in a bay window?
    by Deonn
    March 27th, 2012 at 7:32 a.m.

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