Project Design Team Wednesday~Pin it Pincushion!

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PIN IT Pincushion 2012-009

Supply List:

      • 1 Red 4x6 piece
      • 2 Gray 4x6 pieces, 14x3 strip, 7x3 strip
      • Fusible Light Interfacing: 2 4x6 pieces, 14x3 strip, 7x3 strip
      • Sew-on “hook and loop”
      • Red thread
      • Polyester filling
      • optional:  Silhouette Craft Cutter and Sewing Fabric Interfacing

PIN IT Pincushion 2012-002PIN IT Pincushion 2012-002

If you have the Silhouette Craft Cutter and you want to cut the “Pin it” with your machine send me an email at and I will send you the file.  (I only have it saved as a Silhouette file though, not SVG)

{You can also purchase one for $269.99 right now using the “Ucreate” promo code}

If you don’t have a craft cutter, no worries.  You can still make the “Pin it” pincushion.  Just print out this file {resize if needed} and cut out the “pin it”.  Iron Wonder-Under on the red fabric and trace the image backwards on the wonder under and cut image out. When you flip the image over it should read correctly and be ready to iron on your gray fabric. {Follow Wonder-Under directions.}

PIN IT Pincushion 2012-003

 Iron “Pin it” on one of your gray 4x6 pieces.


PIN IT Pincushion 2012-003PIN IT Pincushion 2012-004

Grab your gray strips and fold in half {right sides together}, iron flat and sew up one side creating a tube.  Turn tube right side out {I use this method from Ashley at Make it and Love it}.  Tuck about 1/2” of one raw edge inside the tube and pin.  Starting at the other raw edge sew a top stitch (1/8 inch) all the way around.  Do this to both gray strips and then set them aside.


PIN IT Pincushion 2012-005

Top stitch the “Pin it” letters…with patience…for a more finished look.


PIN IT Pincushion 2012-005

Okay, let’s put it all together now.  Grab all you pieces and plenty on straight pins and lets finish up.

PIN IT Pincushion 2012-006

Pin the long gray strip to the front of the “Pin it” panel in the middle.  Because the strap is so long and we don’t want it messing with our sewing, pin the strap to itself away from the edges of the panel.  Next pin the short strap to the other side of the “Pin it” panel and place it on top of the other strap.  {This totally sounds harder than it is.}


PIN IT Pincushion 2012-006

Pin the back gray panel on top of the straps and the front “Pin it” panel.  Make sure to leave one side open in order to turn the pincushion right side out.  Start sewing (1/2” seam) at on side of the open edge and end at the other side of the open edge making sure to back stitch.  {See Below}

PIN IT Pincushion 2012-006

PIN IT Pincushion 2012-007

Cut the corners on a slant and turn everything right side out.


 PIN IT Pincushion 2012-007

Fold the open edge in 1/2” and iron flat. Then stuff your pincushion with poly-filling or stuffing of your choice and pin closed. Top stitch all the way around…make sure those straps don’t get in the way.

PIN IT Pincushion 2012-007PIN IT Pincushion 2012-008

Put some hook and loop on the ends of the straps in order to secure it to your machine.  You have to put the pincushion around your machine to determine where to put the hook and loop.

 PIN IT Pincushion 2012-008 PIN IT Pincushion 2012-009

…and you’re done. ENJOY!

PIN IT Pincushion 2012-009




Fabric used: Riley Blake Designs Slate (gray) & Pepper (red).


Thanks Becky!

As avid Pinners of both the traditional kind AND the Pinterest kind, WE LOVE IT! 

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Have a great day everyone! 

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  1. I really need to make this for a few of my friends that are addicted to Pinterest. Great idea to have pins handy at the sewing machine.
    by Cindy
    August 29th, 2012 at 2:51 p.m.
  2. I pinned it, Ha, for a future project.
    by Mara
    August 30th, 2012 at 5:20 p.m.

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