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Posted by administrator on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Hi Everyone - I'm Mandy and I blog at - I am super excited to be part of the Riley Blake Design Team!  Today I am bringing you a fun tutorial for a girl's apron - this is a perfect project for a beginner sewer who wants to push themselves just a little.

So cute, right?!  I love aprons because they can really showcase awesome fabrics.  The fabrics I used for these aprons are from the new line at Riley Blake, Splendor.

Let's jump right in to the tutorial.  My girls are 7 and 9 years old, and this apron fit both of them.

You'll need:
--1/2 yard main fabric
--1/2 yard trim fabric
--basic sewing supplies (scissors, sewing machine, thread, etc)

You'll first need to cut the following pieces:

bottom skirt panel, 18x12in
top bib panel, 10x6in

waistband, 18x3in (cut 2)
top trim, 10x2in (cut 2)
bottom ruffle, 30x4in
ties, 20x2.5in (cut 4)

Cutting everything out is half the battle!  Now let's prep the pieces - - for the waistband and top trim, iron under 3 sides, leaving one long side flat (see picture below for clarification). Set aside.

Sew each tie into a tub, with one seam on the long side, sewing it right sides together.  Then turn the tubes right-side out.  I love using a turning tool.  Finish one end buy turning it under and sewing into place.  Set aside.

 Ruffle: use a narrow hem and hem the bottom edge and sides of the ruffle.  Then ruffle the top edge, using a long stitch and creating the ruffle by pulling one of the threads.  Match the length of the ruffle to the skirt panel piece.  Set aside.

Using a narrow hem, hem the side seams of the skirt panel and bib panel pieces. Set aside.

 Now that everything's been prepared, let's jump in to assembly!

First - attach the ruffle.  Lining up raw seams, sew the ruffle to the bottom of the skirt panel:
 Iron it down and topstitch to finish the trim and hold the ruffle flat in place:

Waistband - make a sandwich with the two waistband pieces and the top of the skirt panel, with raw edges matched up, as shown:
 Sew along that raw edge then press the two waistband pieces up.
 Topstitch along that seam:
 Now slide the bottom of the bib panel into the top of the waistband sandwich - that edge on the waistband should already be turned under.  Topstitch along that entire edge:
 This will ensure that the seams are encased on both the right-side and the back-side of the apron:

Repeat that method with the top trim.  When it's time to sew the topstitch along the top edge, insert a tie on each end at a slight slant.  Sew up the ends of the top trim as well.

The ends of the waistband should still be open.  Insert a tie near the top:
 Then fold it down to create a pleat at the end of the waistband.  Topstitch into place. Repeat on other side.
 Finished waistband:

That's it!!  Stand back and enjoy your project!  Since the waist and neck are ties, it can adjust to fit a variety of sizes.

If you love aprons and want an adult version, I have a tutorial for that on my blog:

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  1. LOVE it! What is the fabric line used on the girls' aprons?
    by Karen Siddiqi
    April 09th, 2014 at 9:20 a.m.
  2. Splendor by Lila Tueller. It arrives in stores in May. You just got an early preview of the line :)
    by Cindy
    April 13th, 2014 at 4:14 p.m.

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