HMQS Fabric Challenge

30 Nov 2009

Riley Blake Designs is the proud sponsor of the 2010 Fabric Challenge and Auction for HMQS (Home Machine Quilting Show). Sublime is the fabric that will be used for that challenge and 100% of the proceeds from the challenge quilt auction will go to PJ's Forgotten Children.  I have met the founders of this organization and was impressed with their commitment to help children whose parents suffer from mental illness. These are often the "Forgotten Children" and 100% of the donations will go towards helping these children.  Groups and individuals are invited to participate.  The Quilt Challenge deadline is ... more

Sublime is Here!

30 Nov 2009

Sublime has arrived. I wanted to highlight another basket quilt made out of our Sublime fabric.
sublime quilt baskets (200x300)

This quilt is called Aunt Ems by Emily and is available now.  Our Riley Blake velvet ric-rac was used for the basket handles...Cute! more

What's New

24 Nov 2009

What a busy day! We received 4 sets of strike-offs, plus a few friends brought their Sublime projects by to display......It was like Christmas morning for Jina and I. Our strike-offs are almost perfect! I can't wait to share....and since my husband bought me a new camera and my son finally showed me how to upload photos quickly... Why wait? First, I wanted to show off the necklaces I had made for all the gals that went to quilt market.  This small fabric swatch is from our"Sublime" line.
sublime necklace (300x199)

This beautiful quilt was made and designed by ... more


23 Nov 2009

slippers (300x225)

Finally, pictures of my cute slippers made out of our "Sublime" fabric. Our last line of the year, "Sublime" will be shipped from California this week.  The pattern "Pigs in a blanket" by quilted fish is available now at our warehouse. This is the teepee I took to quilt market, but with our limited space, it never got set up.  The pattern is from our "Eye Candy" quilt book.  I surprised my neice and gave it to her last month for her birthday. more

Halloween Cowgirl

02 Nov 2009

ella cowgirl (288x432)

Check out our Cute little cowgirl.  Made out of our "Wanna be a cowboy" fabric, who says you can only wear your costume on Halloween.  This is Kim and Matt's sweet little girl.  Matt is Mr. everything at our warehouse. He ships everything, knows everything, and fixes everything  and Kim runs our finance department. When they showed me this picture, I had to share it. We were grateful for the great weather Halloween night...notice no snow. *FYI-Our blog now has a RSS feed.  (Thanks for asking Deb) more

All Star Flannel

28 Oct 2009

Snow !?#  We woke up to a frozen tundra this morning. Not quit ready to bring out the snow gear, but at least we have something to celebrate today.  Our "All Star" Flannel is here.  It looks fantastic and feels so soft. And yes, it will make cozy quilts for winter.
all star pic 1 (300x225) more

Bloom and Grow

27 Oct 2009

Bloom and Grow just arrived.  All pre-orders are being shipped.  Enjoy! more

Quilt Market

15 Oct 2009

We're Back! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, your feedback on our current and future lines was music to our ears. Here is a picture of our booth and all of us (minus the boys..... they would not put on a pink apron). Why Eye Candy?  We think all of our fabrics are a treat for the we are just launching a new quilt book called "Eye Candy".  Our "Eye Candy" quilt book features our 6 latest and greatest lines with two quilts and one project per line.  We also introduced our 8 new ... more

Last Blog before Quilt Market

07 Oct 2009

Last Blog before quilt market! I can give my sewing machine a rest for a few minutes. One of my favorite animated movies is "Finding Nemo"  and in that movie there is great line by the fish, Dora.  "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming"  is what Dora says to Marlin, (Nemo's Dad) when he is getting discouraged about the distance he has to travel to find his son Nemo......yes, I have said that line a lot the last few weeks.....Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.  Swimming through Fabric.  We have so many great, fun, unique things to show at ... more

Riley Blake News

22 Sep 2009

Wanna be a Cowboy news..... due to circumstances beyond our control this line has been delayed for another week.  That sounded way too calm..(scream) .....seriously, we can't wait to get our hands on this fabric, we have many projects to make before quilt market!  Thanks for your patience, and  "Wanna be a Cowboy" will ship out as soon as possible. Speaking of fabrics we would like to get our hands on, here is a sample of  "Bloom and Grow" by Zoe.  Another great line from our friends at My Minds Eye.  Look for a delivery date the end ... more

Riley Blake designs new lines

14 Sep 2009

What Jina and I love about our jobs is working with our artists and graphic designers.  We fell in love with the original and unique artwork of these lines and think you will too.  Wheels is our first line in 2010. Available in flannel and cotton, wheels will have a ship date of mid January.  This fantastic boys line from My Minds Eye is sure to please any child that loves all things wheels.
brown wheels main (280x280)

Andrea Victoria, our second line in 2010. This sophisticated line from My Minds Eye is a personal favorite. The collection boasts beautiful bold colors with grey ... more

Enjoy Today

10 Sep 2009

We hope you all enjoyed your labor day.....and the last bites of summer. I love summer food and am already mourning the end of it, not to mention our long warm summer days. Living in Alpine we are spoiled with fresh produce from the local farmers.  In the past few weeks we have indulged the most succulent peaches I think we have ever had.....they are drip down your chin good.  Sweet corn is always a favorite.  Now the tomatoes and apples are starting to be harvested and my pantry is overflowing with fresh produce.  I will share a ... more
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