Halloween Crackers

15 Sep 2014


Marni here, from Frankenstein's Fabrics, back for another quilting project here on the Cutting Corners blog.

This time round I’ve made a table runner with the Halloween Parade range.

You’ll Need:

  • 25cm Halloween main gray
  • 25cm Halloween main green
  • 25cm Halloween main orange
  • 30cm Halloween Star black
  • 30cm Halloween Star orange
  • 15cm plain black fabric
  • 30cm Halloween Stripe Multi
  • 30cm Halloween Dot black
  • 70cm x 1.3m rectangle of wadding
  • 70cm x 1.3m rectangle of backing
  • Rotary cutter, ruler and mat
  • Sewing machine with 1/4in foot
  • Neutral thread for piecing
  • Iron and ironing board
  • General sewing supplies


Finished size

50cm x 1.1m


Make sure you read through all the instructions before you start. 


  • From the Halloween main gray cut: two 6in squares and one 2in strip, crosscutting the strip into eight 4 1/2in rectangles
  • From the Halloween main green cut: two 6in squares and one 2in strip, crosscutting the strip into eight 4 1/2in rectangles
  • From the Halloween main orange cut: two 6in squares and one 2in strip, crosscutting the strip into eight 4 1/2in rectangles
  • From the Halloween Star black cut:  four 6in squares, crosscutting them on the diagonals to yield sixteen triangles and two 2in strips, crosscutting the strips into sixteen 4 1/2in rectangles 
  • From the Halloween Star orange cut: two 6in squares, crosscutting them on the diagonals to yield eight triangles and two 2in strips, crosscutting the strips into sixteen 4 1/2in rectangles
  • From the plain black fabric cut: three 1 1/2in strips
  • From the Halloween Stripe Multi cut: three 3 1/2in strips
  • From the Halloween Dot black cut: four 3in strips for the binding


Crackerjack Block – Make 4 in each colourway

Using the photograph as a guide, join the 2in x 4 1/2in rectangles into sets of three.


Press the seams to the darker fabrics. Then fold the unit in half and press the centre. 


Fold a triangle that matches the middle bar of the unit in half to find the centre.

Match the centre of the unit and the triangle up, pin and stitch.

Repeat for the opposite side of the pieced unit. Press the seams.


Pin and stitch

Fold the unit in half to find the centre of the sides, press and then finding the centre of the remaining triangles pin and stitch to the sides, finishing the block.

fold and mark

Pin and stitch

Press the seams and then square up your block to 6 1/2in square.

Square up blocks

Make four of each set of fabric combinations.

Pin the blocks together in pairs, checking orientation. Stitch and press the seams. Pin the matching pairs together and stitch the seam. Press the blocks.


finished block

Layout your three blocks with the darker blocks on the outside and the orange block in the centre. 

Matching the seams pin the blocks together. Stitch and press the runner well.

Inner Border

Measure through the centre of the runner top vertically and crosscut two border strips to this measurement. Attach them to the side borders and press the seams. Measure through the runner horizontally and trim two border strips to that length. Attach them to the upper and lower edges of the runner and press the whole runner.

inner border

inner border complete


Measure through the centre of the runner top horizontally and crosscut two border strips to this measurement. Attach them to the upper and lower edges and press the seams. Measure through the runner vertically and trim the remaining border strip to that length. Attach them to the side edges of the runner and press the whole runner.

upper and lower borders

side borders


Domestic Sewing Machine - Lay the backing fabric right side down on a firm surface and tape the edges with masking tape, then centre the batting and the runner top right side up over it smoothing the layers as you go. Pin-baste the layers together in a 3-4in grid with safety pins.

Long-arm Quilting Machine – Attach each layer to the appropriate roller on your machine’s frame.


I quilted this runner in an edge-to-edge (e2e) raindrop design as sideways it looked more like spooky fog in white thread. The pantograph is from designer Lisa H Calle.

on the longarm


Join the four, 3in Halloween Dot Black binding strips end to end with 45-degree seams, then trim the seams and press them open. Press the binding strip in half lengthways with the wrong sides facing. With raw edges aligned and mitring the corners as you go, stitch the binding to the front of the runner. Then turn the binding to the back and slipstitch it in place. Attach a label to the back of the runner with your name and the date it was completed.


If you have any questions about this quilt please feel free to get in touch with me.


Happy Quilting!

Marni x

ta da!



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