Halloween Countdown Calendar

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Halloween Countdown Calendar
Course Instructor: JaiCi Razak

Boo to you (600x450)
I must first start out by saying that while this is one of the cutest crafts
I have in my home...it took some serious TIME!! It was not a hard project,
but it was *very time consuming....but worth every second........

1 yard Riley Blake Boo To You Orange, Black or White Scatter
1 yard Riley Blake Spider Web (I used black, but any color would do)
1/4 yard Riley Blake White Boo Dot
Double Sided Iron-on Interfacing
Thread and Sewing Needle
Good pair of scissors


1) First, take your Orange Scatter Fabric and decide which "pieces"
you would like to make. You do NOT have to use all of them, but I did for
variety! You will still have at least 2 of each, but the more the better (I
think). Measure the height and width of the smallest and largest piece.
The bat is 4" long and the candy corn is less than 1 1/2" high. The
majority of them are LESS than 3"x3"

boo1 (600x399)
2) Line your double sided interfacing in a grid. One square for each
piece. I did 30 squares 3x3 and 3 squares 4x3.
3) Iron interfacing onto wrong side of Scatter Fabric.

boo1-2 (600x399)
4) Cut out all squares.

5) Mark the center of each square on the RIGHT side of fabric with
a Sharpie...you can use any marking pen, but I used a Sharpie because it
could be seen through to the back of the fabric without SEARCHING for it...

boo square (600x399)
6) Cut out 31 pieces of one side of velcro (if you want more than
31 pieces, cut velcro accordingly)

boo? (300x199)

7) Sew Velcro onto right side of Scatter Squares...through the

boo squares with velcro (600x399)
8) You will now cut out the 'pieces' for your calendar. Make sure
to cut wide enough around the piece to have some room for sewing, cutting,
etc... Cut out all that you will need all at once!

bat (300x200)

9) Next you will pull the paper backing OFF your squares, and
iron on your pieces. Do not worry what is on the BACK of your pieces...just
what's on the front!

boo bat (600x399)
boo characters 2 (600x399)
10) You will now want to sew around the outside of each of your
sew boo character (600x399)
11) Cut strings and cut around the pieces...
boo character 3 (600x399)


1) You will want to cut 2 pieces of the Spider Web and 1 piece of
batting 20 1/2" x 22" (because the spider fabric is directional, make
sure that the 22" in the height and the 20 1/2" in the width).

2) Take one piece of the Spider Web fabric, you are going to line
it with a pencil. Start from the right side and make a line at 1/2" in.
Then make a line every 2 3/4" until you have 7 columns. Then make another
line1/2" from the last line. Then starting from the TOP, make a line 1/2"
down (the entire width) and then make a line every 2 3/4" until you have 5
rows. Mark an additional line 1/2" after that. This picture shows on a
piece of paper how to mark your fabric... (visuals help ME understand (: )

boo templete (600x399)

3) Take lined Spider Web fabric and place it on top of the
4) Pin in place. I pinned inside every square...

boo4 (600x399)
5 Sew all marked lines.
boo5 (600x399)
6) When all done, the back should look like this!
boo6 (600x399)
7) Place top piece onto 2nd piece of Spiderweb fabric
boo back piece (300x199)

8) Cut 31 pieces of Velcro to sew onto Calendar

boo? (300x199)
9) Sew 1 piece of Velcro in each square that you just sewed. There
should only be 3 pieces in the last 3 squares of the top column...

calendar sew velcro (300x199)

Pocket & Letters & Binding
1) First decide on the words that you want on your calendar! I did
"Boo to You" and "October". You could also use words like "Spooky",
"Candy", "Countdown", "Spider", "Ghost", etc...etc... Then, copy the
letters BACKWARDS on the paper side of your interfacing...

boo2 (600x399)
2) Iron onto your "word" fabric...
boo2-2 (600x450)
3) Cut letters out and iron TOP WORDS onto fabric...You will want
to wait a few steps to do your letters on the pocket!

boo3 (600x399)
4) Sew around the letters on the top of your calendar.

5) Now, take the extra fabric at the bottom of your calendar and
fold it UP to the bottom line of your squares. Pin layers together while
folded over...do NOT pin to calendar. Notice that all the layers are not
even...that's OK!!

calendar velcro (600x399)

6) Now, place and iron words for pocket onto the fabric.
7) UNFOLD pocket (words now seem to be on the back of the
calendar) and iron in place. Sew words onto fabric. As you are sewing, you
may notice a 'gather' of fabric...that's okay, it'll go away!

boo7 (600x399)
8) Now cut a piece of spiderweb Fabric 2 pieces 20 1/2 x 2 1/4.
You will then iron the fabric in half and sew one on the BOTTOM of the
calendar (as if you were binding a quilt), and one on the TOP of the
calendar. Sew on, cut off excess, fold over, sew again!

boo10 (600x399)

boo10-2 (600x399)

boo8 (600x399)

9) Now fold the pocket up so that the words are on the front of the
calendar again. You now have a calendar with binding on the pocket and top,
and unfinished sides..
boo9 (600x399)
10) You will now need to measure the length of your calendar
(yours will vary from mine because of how far up you choose to fold your
pocket). Mine was 18 1/4". I then cut my fabric* 20 1/4"* x 2 1/4" I
folded my sides in 1 inch, then ironed in half long ways...

11) now, just like on the top and bottom, sew on, fold over, sew
again!! Notice how you sew right over the pocket to hold it in place.

boo11 (600x399)
12) To finish off the pocket, you need to take 2 stitches to it, to
hold it to the calendar. They do not need to be anywhere in particular.
Just as close to evenly spaced as possible.

boo12 (600x399)

13) Now you can put your pieces in the pocket...
boo13 (600x399)

boo13.2 (600x399)

boo finish (600x399)
And now you have the most awesome Halloween Countdown Calendar ever!
Everyone will want one, and it'll be a blast counting down to Halloween for
your kids :) :) :
) :)
boo finish2 (600x399)

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