the "it's a cinch" skirt

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The "It's a Cinch" Skirt

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Jessica Christian


Hey all you fabric lovers out there! (yes, you!)  I'm Jess, from Craftiness is not Optional, and I am thrilled to be here with a fun skirt tutorial for Riley Blake! I adore all their fabric lines and this one jumped out at me to become a skirt-I used fabric from the Sew Cherry line, and the fantastic grosgrain polka dot fabric is from RB as well. 


The double layered skirt with the fun cinched top layer is so easy to make-whip one up for the little girl in your life!



and her best friend too!


You'll need:

two coordinating fabrics, for an underskirt and over skirt. At least 3/4 yard of each to make sure you have enough. 1/2 yrd of each is enough for smaller sizes (3T and under)

1-2 yards of 5/8 " ribbon

matching thread

sewing stuff (rotary cutter and board are handy, safety pin, pins, sewing machine, etc.)



From the waist to the knees (or where you want the skirt to hit)

waist measurement (for elastic)


First off I cut out my skirt panels. My daughter's skirt measurement from waist to knees was 10", so I added an inch to that measurement and cut a panel from my fabric that was 11" wide, and cut that selvage to selvage (the finished edges of fabric from the bolt, usually measuring 44") This piece will be your underskirt.  Then I cut another piece that was 2.5" less than my underskirt-so 8.5" wide, and cut selvage to selvage of course.

 Also cut one piece selvage to selvage that is 3" wide. This will be the waistband so cut it from your underskirt fabric.


 I then folded the pieces in half width wise, lined up the finished edges, and trimmed off 1.75". One of these pieces will be the casing for your ribbon. Discard the other scraps.


Then I finished the edges of one of the pieces matching my  overskirt by serging around them. You could also zig zag stitch over the edges as well. I didn't need to serge one side because it's a selvage end. No need to finish one short end, that will be enclosed in the waistband.  Set this aside.



Then sew or serge together your fabric "tubes" on the short end, right sides together.



Then hem one side by folding and ironing over 1/4"...



and then another 1/4".



Do this for both skirt pieces.



Then hem them up-I prefer to hem from the right side of the fabric. Usually I can see where the edge of my hem is and can follow it easily. It just makes nicer stitches!



Then lay out your skirt pieces, with the underskirt  on the bottom, and over skirt on top, with the over skirt wrong side out.  Make sure the seams on the skirt tubes are lined up. Then place your casing where you'd like it-I off set it a little bit.



Make sure it lines up right above the hem, and pin into place, making sure it's straight also. Pin that piece on.



Then stitch on the two outside edges, 1/8" from the edge.



Also sew down the middle of the casing, making sure there is enough room on both sides for your 5/8" ribbon.


Now cut your ribbon pieces. Add 12" to your over skirt length and cut two pieces of ribbon that long.



Then attach a safety pin to your ribbon pieces, pull them through the casing, pin them at the top...



and baste the ribbons in at the top, about 1/4" from the top.



Next put the underskirt into the over skirt tube, line up the seams, and pin (if needed) and baste around the top of the skirts about 1/4" from the edge.



Now for the waistband.  Take that 3" wide piece you cut, fold it in half, and line up the folded end with one edge of the skirt panels.



I then used my ruler to cut off the excess, leaving 1/4" on either end for seam allowance.



Then serge or sew the short ends right sides together, with a 1/4" seam.



 Then, press the seam you just made, and lining up the seams, pin your waistband to the top of your skirt, on the wrong side. So, right side of waistband to the wrong side of the skirt.



Sew together with a 3/8" seam.



Then turn your skirt right side out and press the seam up towards the waistband.



Then fold and iron down the top of the waistband 1/4".



Then fold down the waistband again, covering your seam, and iron it.



Pin the waistband down.



Then sew around the waistband, about 1/8" from the bottom. I usually start near the seam...and leave a space to insert your elastic. (about 1.5")



Cut your elastic to fit your child's waist, plus an inch to overlap, then using a safety pin, push it through the opening and waistband. Pin the two overlapping edges together, making sure the elastic didn't twist at all, and sew them together.



Then sew your opening closed, cinch up the ribbon and tie a bow! You're done!

Feel free to come over and visit me at Craftiness is not Optional! I'm always sewing new fun things for my daughters. See ya soon!

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