Snuggly All Star 2 Strip Quilt

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 Snuggly All Star 2 Strip Quilt


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Course Materials

  • 11   6" X 45" wide Cotton Fashion Fabric strip
  • 1/2  yard 45" wide fabric for Binding
  • 1 2/3 yds 45” inch wide fabric for backing
  • 45" X 60" thin batting such as Warm and Natural
  • 1 can of temporary fabric adhesive our favorite is 505 Spray and Fix
  • All Purpose Thread in a color to match your backing



Step One: Preparing Backing and Batting

Lay batting on a flat surface – a nice large table or the floor. 

All Star 2 Quilt center backing

Center the backing fabric on top of the batting, make sure your backing is right side up.

Fold back your backing about half way and generously spray across a 10" strip or so of adhesive to your batting.  Lay the backing back down on top of the batting, making sure your fabric is laying smoothly as you go and that there are no wrinkles.   If you do have a wrinkle pull back your backing fabric and reposition as needed.  Repeat until the entire backing is adhered securely to the batting.

Square up your backing and batting sandwich and double check that your edges are straight.  Trim off any excess. 


Step Two: Assembling Your Strips

Lay out your strips into your desired order for the top of the quilt.

Fold your quilt backing and batting in half, short sides together, and find the center.  Starting with the center strip, center it on top of your batting right side up, from edge to edge. Fold the strip back half way and spray your temporary adhesive to the wrong side of your fabric strip and carefully smooth into place.  Repeat until the entire strip is adhered to the backing.  Again, make sure your fabric is smooth and wrinkle free.

All Star 2 Quilt center

Place the next strip of your choice on top of the adhered strip right sides together and pin in place every couple of inches along one side.  Sew a seam using the edge of your walking foot as a guide.  Your seam should be approximately 1/4" - ½".

All Star 2 Quilt center layer

Open up strip and either finger press well or press with an iron.

Now use your adhesive to spray and  spray the row down to the batting.  Smooth the newly sewed row into place making sure there are no wrinkles and that it is smooth.

All Star 2 Quilt center layer out

Keep adding rows on each side of the strips using the method above. You may find it more efficient to pin two strips at a time and sew one strip on each side of the blanket each time you sit down to sew.

All Star 2 Quilt adding more strips

After all the strips are attached to your blanket lay out your blanket and trim and square up the edges.

All Star 2 Quilt  all strips attached

Step Three:  Binding

Cut (6) 2 1/2" wide strips.   Attach binding strips end to end with a 1/4" seam.

Still using your walking foot, attach binding to the top of the quilt using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Miter the corners as you are attaching your binding. 

All Done!

All Star 2 Quilt bound



You may want to machine wash and dry your blanket so that the temporary adhesive is removed before first use.

The possibilities are endless with this quilt as you go project. With a few simple math calculations you can make this any size you want!  Check out our blog to see the quilt we made with the Wheels line from Riley Blake with a minky backing. 

We hope you enjoy making this easy project!  It is one of our favorites to stitch up in a weekend.  A perfect project to brighten up these bleak winter days.  ENJOY!

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