Hanging Topiary

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Girly Fun!!


Hanging Topiary


Course instructor:  Benay Derr


Bring life to any little girls room with these adorable statement pieces.

Supply List:

Small Topiary

  • (4) pkgs Hot Pink Crocheted Flowers by Sew Together  (3 ct.)
  • (4) pkgs Light Pink Crocheted Flowers by Sew Together  (3 ct.)
  • (4) pkgs White Crocheted Flowers by Sew Together  (3 ct.)
  • (1) pkg Hot Pink Boutique Buttons by Doodlebug (20 ct.)
  • (1) pkg Light Pink Boutique Buttons by Doodlebug (20 ct.)
  • (1) Fat quarter Pink Quite Contrary Gingham by My Mind’s Eye
  • (1) 5 inch Styrofoam Ball
  • (1) pkg of Decorative Straight Pins (100 ct.)
  • (1 1/2) yards 5/8” Loopy (pink) Striped Grosgrain Ribbon by Doodlebug
  • (2 1/2) yards 5/8” Hot Pink Polka Dot Grosgrain Ribbon by Sew Together
  • Hot Glue Gun with Glue

Large Topiary

  • (1) yard Red Quite Contrary Gingham by My Mind’s Eye  (flowers)
  • (1) Fat Quarter Green Quite Contrary Stripes by My Mind’s Eye (background)
  • (1) Fat Quarter White Quite Contrary Circles  (flowers) *optional
  • (3/4) yard matching Pink Felt by the Yard
  • (3) yards Fusible Web
  • (1) 6 inch Styrofoam Ball
  • (2) pkgs of Decorative Straight Pins (100 ct./each)
  • (3-4) pkgs of Boutique Buttons by Doodlebug (20 ct.)
  • (6) yards 5/8” Lime Gingham Grosgrain Ribbon by Sew Together
  • Water Soluble Fabric Marker
  • Hot Glue Gun with Glue


Wrapping the Styrofoam Ball

wrapping Styrofoam Ball

*Wrap Styrofoam ball with the background fat quarter as you would a gift. 

1.  Trim fabric as needed to eliminate bulk.
2.  Wrap fabric around the center of the ball and hot glue in place.

3.  Gather ends hot gluing as you go.  *Tip: Use small dots of glue.


Fitting the Ribbon

For Small Topiary, you will need 1 1/2 yards of 5/8” Grosgrain Ribbon.

For Large Topiary, you will need 2 yards of 5/8” Grosgrain Ribbon.

1.  Fold Ribbon in half.
2. Tie a knot about 2 inches in from the loose ends.
3.  Pin the knot to the Bottom of the Ball.  Lay the Ribbon over the Ball and
    place a pin through the Ribbon at the Top of the Ball to mark your spot. 

Attaching Ribbon

Small  Topiary

Attaching Ribbon

Large Topiary

4.  Remove Ribbon from the ball and tie a knot in place of the pin.
5.  Fit Ribbon onto the ball.  Note:  You may need to adjust the knots a little.

6.  When you are satisfied, hot glue the knots to the ball to keep in place. 


Making the Flowers


***If you are making the Small Topiary with Crocheted Flowers, skip to

“Adding the Flowers.”

For the  Large Topiary:

1.  Cut 1 yard of fabric on the fold to equal (2) 21”x36” pieces.  They should fit
    nicely, side by side, when fusing to the Felt.

2.  Layer Felt by the yard, Fusible Web and fabric with right side up. 
    Note:  Make sure that there is no Fusible Web showing beyond the fabric or
    Felt edges.
3.  Press following Fusible Web instructions.

 Flower Template/Tracing

4.  Trace flower pattern onto plastic template and cut on the line.

5.  With a water soluble marker, or marking tool of choice, trace flower
    Pattern onto the backside of felt.  Trace 50-60 flowers.
6.  Cut out each flower on the line.

*Note:  For a little variation, use the extra unused felt and fuse to a different
    Fat Quarter and make a few more Flowers. 


Adding the Flowers and Ribbon

attaching crocheted flowers

Small Topiary

Adding fused flowers

Large Topiary

1.  Place a Button in the center of each Flower and pin to the ball in a
    triangular fashion.  Fill in until you’ve reached the desired fullness.  *Don’t   
    feel like you need to use all of the flowers.  

*Note:  If you are using the Crocheted Flowers, start with all of the Large
    Flowers, then Medium, then Small filling in as you go.  I also continued to
    use the extra Buttons when I ran out of Flowers. 

Ribbon for Small Topiary

Small Topiary

1.  With the leftover Ribbon, cut small strips.

*For the Small Topiary, cut into 5” strips  Fold in half and pin through both layers as shown.

Ribbon for Large Topiary

Large Topiary

1.  With the leftover Ribbon, cut small strips.

*For the Large Topiary, cut into 6” strips.  Find the center and place pin in it from wrong side to right side as shown. 

adding ribbon to topiary

Small Topiary

adding ribbon to topiary

Large Topiary

2.  Pin Ribbons into the little nooks and crannies of the Topiary until desired
    Texture is reached.  

3.  After you are satisfied with the finished product, you can hot glue the
    Flowers and ribbons in place for security. 


Make one or a few and group them in a corner.   

To change it up a little:

  • Use all one color or different fabrics
  • Use different color or size ribbons
  • Try different sizes of Styrofoam balls
  • Enlarge or downsize the flower pattern

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