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Posted by kittyv on Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Easy Headband Tutorial

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Kitty Vogt

Hey there, Kitty here from A Law Student's Journey! I'm excited to be posting this fun and easy headband tutorial.


Here are the supplies you will need:

1. Glue Gun

2. Fabric

3. A headband

4. Scissors


First, grab a plain headband. Cut a long strip of fabric about an inch wide.

Put a dot of hot glue at the end
a bit. Then wrap the end over the end of the headband. Start wrapping it around.


Here is the trick- notice in the last picture how I keep the end closest to the place I started, folded over? That way you dont have the unfinished edge showing  

Keep going. About 3/4ths of the way through, stop and hot glue it in place. Cut another strip and start from the other end until you meet up. Over lap them a bit, then glue it down again. I always use this place to add my bow. Just in case it doesn't look as clean as I would like!


So you've got your headband. Now the bow! There are a lot of ways to make bows...but mine...well its just my way, that's all! Cut a strip twice as long as you would like your bow, and about a half inch thicker. Now Hot glue the edges down, so you won't have an unfinished edge. Then bring the two sides to the middle and glue.


Then cut another smaller piece of fabric for the "knot" in the middle. I glue the edges down again (so it doesn't look unfinished) Then simply pinch your bow, and hot glue the piece around the middle!


Glue it to your headband and you are ready to go!

No need to stop at just bows for your headband, you can add on any embellishment you can think of!


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