Doll Blanket and Pillow *Delight*

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Doll Blanket and Pillow Set

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Candice Taylor

I saw the Delighted fabric and knew that would be perfect for this project! I love how Riley Blake fabrics are so colorful and inspire such fun and joy. To make it even better, Riley Blake also has tons of options of trims and notions to give your set just the right touch!

Here's what you'll need:

1 Fat Quarter of fabric (18"x21") for the blanket front

1 Fat Quarter of fabric for the blanket back

11" square piece of fabric (or pieced) for pillow

Trims and embellishments that you'd like

1 Fat Quarter of Batting, if you want your blanket quilted

Stuffing for pillow, i.e. polyfil

Sewing Machine, Scissors, Thread

1-Cut your fabric for the front and back of the blanket and pillow, piece fabric if desired. Iron fabric.

*If you are quilting the front of the blanket, place batting behind the front piece and hand or machine quilt it. Continue the steps with your quilted front piece. In my example, I free motion machine quilted the front with loops.

2-Add embellishments. Pin them in place, then sew ribbons on with a sewing machine.
If ribbon is more than half an inch wide, sew down both sides to keep it from curling.

Hand sew buttons, crocheted flowers, and more delicate items.
I added pom poms to my edges.
To do this, you have to pin them facing the inside of the blanket. I then stitch them to the fabric front to keep them in place before I add the back of the blanket.
3-When the front and back are ready to be joined, place them right sides together on a smooth surface.

thoroughly around the perimeter.
If you use large pom poms, as I did, pinning can prove tricky, just go slow and it will be ok.

4-Stitch a 1/4" seam around the blanket
making sure to leave a 3" opening so you can turn the blanket right side out once it's done.
turning right side out, trim off any long pieces of ribbon or trims.

5-Turn blanket right side out and iron.

6-Top stitch around blanket, making sure to close the 3" opening as you sew.

7-Add desired embellishments and trims to pillow piece of fabric.

(My pillow piece is three strips pieced together.) Remember that it will be folded in half when placing trims.

8-Fold pillow piece in half with right sides together.
Pin thoroughly around pillow.

9-Stitch a 1/4" seam around the edge of the pillow
leaving a 2" opening on one end.
Trim off any extra long embellishments.

10-Turn right side out and iron.

11-Stuff pillow with stuffing. I use polyfil. Any stuffing or wool would work.

12-Hand sew the opening closed with a whip stitch. This can also be closed with the sewing machine, but is not as neat.

Ta-Da!! The Doll Pillow and Blanket Set are complete! Share them with your favorite little one.
I LOVE making doll blanket and pillow sets. It's not just the actual process of the fabric choice and sewing designs that make the possibilities limitless, but the trims and embellishment options make me giddy! There are so many wonderful ribbons, buttons, flowers, and trims that make these blankets and pillows have such personality! It would make a perfect gift for that little girl, or BOY, in your life! Boy stuffed animals need to be cozy too :).  So get creative :)... this project can be made very simply or as intricate as you like, depending on how detailed you want to piece, sew, and quilt your blanket and pillow. The options for trims and embellishments can also add flair and interest to your project. I love how every set is so individualized and caters to the child. Have fun choosing things that will make a child's imagination soar!

This is one of my favorite things. Thanks for letting me share it with you. I'd love you to stop by my blog anytime,  Feel free to ask me any questions and I would love to see photos of your finished projects!

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  1. i really like your ideas of matching pillows and blankets sets. they have made me wont to try and make them.
    by billie kuster
    December 31st, 2013 at 10:46 a.m.
  2. Hi there! I am making a blanket and have been scouring the web to figure out how to close my corner! Since my blanket plain (no quilt stitching) won't topstitching the 3 inch opening really stand out and look bad? I'm very new to sewing and I don't know how to discretely topstitch my opening. I'd love some help!
    by Rachel
    April 11th, 2015 at 11:06 a.m.
  3. Hi Rachel, Top stitching is a common way to close a simple baby blanket or doll blanket and gives the edges a nice, finished look. However, it is a matter of preference. If you don't like the look of top stitching, you could hand stitch it closed using a simple slip stitch. If your machine has decorative stitches, another option could be to stitch around the edges with a decorative stitch. If you choose to do this, I would test it out on a scrap of fabric first. Best of luck!
    by Julia
    April 14th, 2015 at 11:30 a.m.

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