Easy Stacker Quilt

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Easy Stacker Quilt

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Course Instructor:


Jana Kigin from  Adventures of a Cross-stitch Drama Queen


  Easy Stacker Quilt

 Quilt measures approximately 69"x69".

Course Materials:

1 10" stacker of Delighted!

1 5" stacker of Delighted!

3/4 yard Sundrop Basic Shades

3/4 yard Robin Basic Shades

1/2 yard Red Delighted! Daisy

1 yard Blue Delighted! Main

3/4 yard Red Delighted! Stripe, for Binding

4 yards Green Delighed! Dot, for Backing


Those 5" and 10" stacker packs can be hard to resist, can't they? With one of every print in a fabric line, they become a fabric lovers dream. I've got a great quilt that is easy, quick, and looks fantastic when it's finished. Let's get started!

1. Open your stackers and admire the fabric. When you're done, pull out the solid squares and set them aside for another project. You'll be left with 18 prints in both sizes, for a total of 36.

Delighted! Stackers

2. Set the 10" squares aside. We'll be referring to them as the "plain" squares.

3. Divide your 5" squares into two piles: one pile to go with the Sundrop, one pile to go with the Robin. I divided mine unequally, giving my Sundrop pile 8 squares, and my Robin pile 10 squares.

4. Out of the Sundrop, cut 6 strips 3" x Width of Fabric (WOF). Subcut 2 strips 3"x5", and 4 strips 3"x10".

Sundrop strips

5. Out of the Robin fabric, cut 8 strips 3"xWOF. Subcut 3 strips 3"x5" and 5 strips 3"x10".

6. To make the blocks, sew a 3"x5" strip on either side of a 5" square.  Press the seam away from the square.

5" stacker with 3x5 strips

Then sew a 3"x10" strip to the top and bottom. Again, press the seam away from the center square. Repeat until you have 18 blocks.

18 blocks

7. Now it's time to layout your quilt. Alternate the plain blocks with the pieced blocks in a 6x6 layout. When you're happy with how it looks, sew the blocks into rows. I like to press the seams towards the plain blocks to avoid any bulk.

Also, when I sew the rows together, I pin a number to the block on the left edge. That way I don't sew rows upside down or out of order.

Easy Stacker rows

8. This quilt has two borders. For the first border, cut your Red Delighted! Daisy in to 6 strips 2.5"xWOF. Take two of those strips and cut them in half. Sew one half to each of the remaining 4 strips. Then sew the sides to the quilt center, pressing towards the border. Sew the remaining two strips to the top and bottom, also pressing towards the border.

9. For the second border, cut your Blue Delighted! Main into 7 4.5"xWOF strips. Subcut one strip in half, sewing each half onto 2 full strips. Sew those two strips to each side, press towards the border. 

With the remaining 4 strips, sew two together, creating 2 long strips. Sew to the top and bottom, press towards the border.

10. Piece your back together and then quilt as desired. 

Once it's quilted, square up your quilt. 

Trimming the quilt

11. Attach the binding according to your favorite method. I like to cut my binding on the bias, especially when it's a stripe. I also cut my strips at 2.25" instead of 2.5" because I like the look of a tighter binding. There are lots of great tutorials out there on how to do bind a quilt, should you need one.

Bias striped binding

12. Once it's all finished, enjoy your beautiful new quilt that has every single fabric from Delighted! Your friends and family will think you worked so hard, but you and I know the amazing wonder and time saver that stackers are!

I hope you enjoy making this quilt. Come see me at my blog, Adventures of a Cross-Stitch Drama Queen , where I talk about my family, my projects, my love of The Quilted Fish , and the fact that I'm really funny.

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