Bloomin' Blossoms

Posted by deonnstott on Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Bloomin' Blossoms for Spring


Course Instructor:  Deonn Stott of Quiltscapes

Course Description:  Make this fun, fresh-cut flower table topper to brighten your day!

Course Materials / Cut List for Table Topper:

  •  Flower:  1 Fat Quarter
         4  -  4-1/2" x 6-1/2" rectangles
         (save remainder for scallops)
      Flower Center, accent color:  
         1  -  2-1/2" square    
  •  Background/Sashing: 1/8 yard
         3  -  1-1/2" x width of fabric strips
     Subcut into: 12  -  1-1/2" squares
                        2  -  1-1/2" x 11" strips
                        2  -  1-1/2" x 13" strips
  •  Border:  1/4 yard
         2  -  3-1/2" x 13" rectangles
         2  -  3-1/2" x 19" rectangles
  •   Backing:  5/8 yard

Course Instructions:
NOTES:  Use accurate 1/4" seam allowance to construct block
             Press seam allowances in directions indicated
             Always press on the right (printed) side of fabric for crisper folds

bloomin' blossoms flower pieces
1)  CUT and assemble pieces for 1 Flower:
4  -  4-1/2" x 6-1/2" rectangles
1  -  2-1/2" square
12  -  1-1/2" squares

Mark corner squares
2)  DRAW a diagonal line from corner to corner
on each of the 1-1/2" background squares

petal layout
3)  LAY OUT background squares right sides together on each petal
as pictured, keeping squares in the same three corners.

stitch background corners
4)  STITCH on drawn diagonal lines.  Chain-piece if desired.

trim corners
5)  TRIM corners 1/4" from stitched line.

press petal
6)  PRESS each corner in direction indicated.  This will help
to alternate seam allowances and fit the petals together.

flower layout
7)  LAY OUT flower as pictured.

partial seam
8)  PIN flower center to lower corner (without background),
right sides together.  STITCH a partial seam (about 1-1/2")
using 1/4" seam allowance.

press 1
9)  PRESS seam allowance toward petal.

layout 2
10)  LAY OUT next petal as pictured.

pin 2
11)  PIN units right sides together, alternating seam allowances
at background triangles, then STITCH seam. 

press 2
12)  PRESS seam allowance toward petal.

layout 3
13)  LAY OUT next petal.

pin 3
14)  PIN units right sides together, then STITCH.

press 3
15)  PRESS toward petal.

layout 4
16)  LAY OUT last petal, folding first petal out of the way.

pin 4
17)  PIN then STITCH.

press 4
18)  PRESS toward petal.

pin 5
19)  PIN the remainder of the beginning partial seam.
STITCH, overlapping a few stitches to complete seam.

press 5
20)  PRESS toward petal.

square up
21)  SQUARE UP edges.  Block should measure 10-1/2", unfinished.

sashing 1
22)  TRIM 11" sashing strips to size of block, PIN sashing to opposite
sides of block, then STITCH.  PRESS toward flower.

sashing 2 
23)  MEASURE block including sashing, then TRIM 13" sashing strips
to that size.  PIN, then STITCH.  PRESS toward flower.

24)  REPEAT steps for sashing to add borders:  MEASURE block,
TRIM border piece to correct size, PIN, STITCH, PRESS;

25)  LAYER, QUILT as desired.  TRIM quilt.  


 Finishing School:

binding stripspress binding

CUT 4  -  1-3/8" x 20" strips from backing fabric for binding strips
FOLD strips in half, wrong sides together; PRESS.

draw circlesstitch circles
LAY OUT remainder of flower fabric and backing fabric, right sides together.
DRAW 12  -  3-1/2" circles, leaving at least 1/2" between circles.  PIN together.
STITCH circles on drawn lines; overlap beginning stitches about 1/2"

trim circlescut in halfpress
TRIM using pinking shears to clip curves. 
CUT each circle in half to yield 24 scallops. 
TURN each half-circle right side out and PRESS.

lay out scallops 
LAY OUT and overlap scallops right sides down on quilt,
6 per side.  You may want to alternate prints. 
Leave 1/4" space from corners for seam allowance. 
GLUE-BASTE (Jillily Studios' Appli-Glue is my favorite)
or PIN, then BASTE-STITCH to secure scallops. 

stitch binding strips
ALIGN raw edges of finishing strip with raw edges
along one side of the quilt.  
STITCH through all layers using 1/4" seam allowance.  
TRIM ends even with quilt.

PRESS binding strip away from scallops.  REPEAT for opposite side.

FOLD finishing strips to the back and HAND-STITCH to the quilt.
Next, REPEAT steps and apply binding strips to top and bottom of quilt, leaving 1/4" extra on each end to fold around raw edges.  FOLD strips to the back and HAND-STITCH to the quilt.  You may need to grade (trim a few layers) the seam allowances at corners.  HAND-STITCH as before.  Scallops will point outward. 

ENJOY your Bloomin' Blossoms Table Topper!

Hope you enjoy this fun project!  Questions?  Please leave a comment, or stop by for an online visit at QUILTSCAPES.  Happy Quilting!


Additional patterns in the Bloomin' Blossoms series are available HERE


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  1. You are just amazing! I am trying to decide which one I am going to try. This is my first and you make it look so easy. I love your fabrics.
    by Vickie Schlagenhauf
    April 04th, 2013 at 7:12 p.m.
  2. What's the finished size?
    by Char
    June 29th, 2014 at 9:54 a.m.

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