Sweet Nothings Scarf

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Sweet Nothings Scarf

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Instructor:  Jackie White

Hi, I'm Jackie from Jackie's Art Quilts.   I am addicted to anything fabric related.   My passion right now is 3D art quilts and clothing I make myself. 

I could fill up this whole tutorial about how much I love Riley Blake fabrics, but I think I will show you just how much fun their fabric is.

I am going to show you how to make a wonderful scarf to wear.   My closet is full of scarves that I throw on over a T shirt or long sleeve shirt.   Scarves can dress you right up or just add that extra dash of colour to make your outfit shine.   And when you use Riley Blake fabrics, you can make any outfit look spectacular.  Let's get started!


4 fat quarters - 2 darks and 2 lights from Sweet Nothings fabrics

2 darks - I used Sweet Carrot and Blue Sweet Dots

2 prints - I used Cream Sweet Main and Cream Sweet Floral 


 1. You need to make 2 strips , both 61” long and one 6” wide and one 9” wide. I decided that my darks were going to be the 6” x 61” strip and my prints were going to be the 9” x 61” strip.

 2. To make the 9” x 61” strip. Take the 2 print fat quarters and cut them into 4 pieces of 9” x 10 1/2” from each fat quarter. Remember a fat quarter has a width of 18" so cut that in half first. 

 Set 1 piece from each fat quarter aside. With the remainder strips, sew using a 1/4" seam, along the 9” sides,alternating one print with another, right sides together, so the pieces  make a 61" long scarf.  Press the seams to one side.



3. To make the 6" wide strip, cut your 2 dark fat quarters into 3 x 6” strips from each fat quarter. Then cut them into 6” x 7” strips. Take 5 from each fat quarter and alternating, sew them together along the 6” side.  Trim both strips to 61" long.



 4. Press the seams to one side.

 5. Take your 6"x 61" piece and you are going to cut it into two 3" x 61" strips.



 6. Now take your other big piece, the 9" x 61" piece and about 3" in down from one narrow end you are going to cut a curvy line from one narrow end to the other. Make your curves gradual and not to steep, easier for sewing.



 7. Take the small 3" curvy strip and set it aside for now. We are going to work with the bigger piece, now called the scarf.

 8. Take one of your previously cut 3 x 61" dark strips. Lining up the narrow ends, place it slightly under the curved line of the scarf. You just want it under enough so that you can follow the curved line and cut into the 3" strip, making the same curves all the way along.

Here it is cut, ready to be stitched.


 9. Then turn over right sides together and stitch from one end right to the other. Open up and press.



 10. Take the curved strip you had put aside and now place it just slightly over top of the edge of the straight strip you have just sewn on.

 11. You need to make this straight edge curvy. So again, cut along following the curved edge.



 12. Place right sides together and stitch. Open and press seams to one side. It should look like this now.


13. Starting 3" in from the bottom of the scarf, you are going to cut another curvy line from one end to the other.



 14. Repeat steps #7-13.

 It should look something like this.



15. Trim the narrow ends up and press under 1/4".

 16. Place right sides together, the length of the scarf. Stitch right down the whole length. Turn right side out.  It should now look similar to the picture below, like a big long open ended tube.



17. Here comes the super fun part - embellishing the ends. If you love the look of it now, then simply sew up the ends. If you want to funk it up a bit, read on.

 18. On a previous scarf, I drew a shape of 1/2 a flower and cut 8 of them out of fabric. I then fused each half flower to another half flower, ending up with 4 half flowers. Tuck 2 of them into one end, and sew right across. Repeat on the other end.  I then added some crocheted flowers and buttons.



19. For this scarf, I made a ruffled border.   Take one of your leftover print pieces, a 10" x 9" and cut it in half to get two 4 1/2" x 10" strips.



 20. Press, wrong sides together.



21.  Do a long running stitch on the long raw edge side of the strip for both.



22.  Gather by pulling the top thread until they fit into the opening of the scarf.   Tuck into the scarf and stitch across the opening.





Congratulations!  You have just made a very funky scarf.  Now get out there and show off that gorgeous scarf.


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  1. Wow. Thanks for a super scarf tutorial. I can't wait to try it. It's so different and I love the designer look. It will be perfect to sew for the scarf blog tour and then I'll have to make one for myself:)
    by Linda E
    August 31st, 2013 at 7:50 p.m.

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