Mother - Daughter Sugar & Spice Matching Aprons

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Mother – Daughter Sugar & Spice Aprons

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Sally from Sally’s Angelworks

Mother-Daughter Sugar and Spice Matching Aprons




1.5 yards - one patterned fabric - C6112 Red- Sugar & Spice - Sugar Floral

1 yard - coordinating patterned fabric - C6113 Blue- Sugar & Spice - Sugar Dots

1 yard - semi-solid fabric - C6115 Red- Sugar & Spice - Sugar Floral

.5 yard - solid fabric - C100-32 Bleached Denim

D rings (one pair)

Embroidery Thread & needle

Straight pins




2 - 1 ½” pins for flower embellishment

Ruffler foot attachment

FASTURN fabric tube turning kit (Worth it!!)



Cutting instructions

MOTHER’s Apron:


Skirt: 22”x24” – Red Sugar Floral fabric

Top: cut 2 – 16 ½” x 13 ½” – Blue Sugar Dots fabric

Bottom Ruffle: cut 2 – 4” (WOF – width of fabric…selvage to selvage) – red semi-solid Sugar Floral

Waist ties: Cut 1 - 3 ½” Blue Denim (solid blue) strip WOF

                Cut 1  - 3 ½” WOF red semi-solid Sugar Floral strip

Neck ties: Cut 1 – 4” strip WOF Blue Denim

Flower Embellishment: 2 – 3” strips WOF – Red Sugar Floral fabric


 cutting instructions




Skirt: 18 ½” x 17” – Red Sugar Floral fabric

Top: cut 2 – 13 ½” x 10” – Blue Sugar Dots fabric

Bottom Ruffle: cut 2 – 3” (WOF – width of fabric…selvage to selvage) – red semi-solid Sugar Floral

Waist ties: Cut 1 - 3” Blue Denim (solid blue) strip WOF

Cut 1  - 3” WOF red semi-solid Sugar Floral strip

Neck ties: Cut 1 – 3” strip WOF Blue Denim

Flower Embellishment: 2 – 2 ½” strips WOF – Red Sugar Floral fabric

Nameplate: 7 ¼” x 2 ½” – Blue Denim


cutting instructions 


LET’S CREATE!!! (these instructions are for both aprons…differences will be within instructions)

 1. Cut out all of your pieces!! (that was easy!!)

 2. Let’s make a flower!!

 flower making

    a. Sew together wrong sides together of your two strips.

 flower making

   b. Turn right side out! Now, there are two ways you can do this:

 flower making

 1. Use a turning tool (a dowel with a pointy end, a pencil – eraser side, something that can shove that right side out!)


2. Or you can use this fabulous tool called FASTURN!! It is amazing! You can get this at Amazon or, like me, ebay! Here’s how it works:


Put your tube of fabric on the tube with a little of the end overlapping the top of the turning tube.


Stick the wirey twirlie end through the tube and into the end of the fabric tube. Make sure the whole “corkscrew” part is through the fabric. (btw, wirey twirlie is the technical term…just sayin’!)


Pull that end out, pulling the fabric through the tube.


In 30 seconds your fabric tube is turned inside out!!!!

   c. Iron your strip. Make sure you fold in your raw edges at the ends.

 flower making

 flower making

   d. Top stitch around the whole strip.

flower making

   e. Sew a gathering stitch in the middle of the strip. I put my sewing machine on the longest possible stitch length (5.0) and sew. Gather that sucker up…not too tight, though!!

flower making

   f. Using the gathering stitch as your base, fold the strip in half and start wrapping it in a circle. As you wrap it around itself, start sewing the bottom of the flower together.

flower making

   g. You have a couple of choices at this point! I’m just going to be real here, because we are all human, and yep, I make some crazy decisions sometimes…But I embrace authenticity, too! So, here are your choices:

1. You can sew your flower onto your skirt, like I did for my Mother’s apron.

2. You can sew a pin on the back of your flower, like I did for my Daughter’s apron’s flower.

I’ll explain how to do both, and you can decide, but I prefer the pin option because of washing later!!

flower making

I left the end out a little bit after sewing the bottom of the flower…

flower sewing

Then I sewed that end onto my skirt with my sewing machine…

flower sewing

I wrapped the flower back on top of that end so you couldn’t see the stitching, and I sewed the rest of the flower on by hand.

flower sewing

With a little less tight stitching, yours won’t pucker like mine; but when wearing the apron, the puckering doesn’t really show!


----other option----

flower sewing

Sew a piece of linen or felt cut into a circle onto the back of the flower.

flower sewing


flower backing

Back: I added a little bit of glue just to make sure it all stuck together!! 

flower pinning

flower pinning

I then sewed on one of those cool pin thingies (again…technical term!) that has the cool holes specifically for this reason!

And Voila! A flower pin for your apron!!!


3.  Let’s make a Ruffle for the bottom of our aprons:

            Now I did this differently for both aprons again!

   a. Sew two strip ends together.

making the ruffle

making the ruffle

   b. Hem one long edge by folding over that edge and ironing ½” then folding that in half so you have a ¼” hem.

   c. Put the other side in your ruffler foot and ruffle away!

making the ruffle

NOTE: here’s where my aprons differ. I used the same length for both aprons, but for the Mother’s apron, I barely ruffled (I actually did the ruffler foot wrong, but loved the way it came out!! Remember, Authenticity!! LOL!!) You can use a gathering stitch and barely gather it so that the ruffle fits around the sides and the bottom of your skirt.

making the ruffle

For the Daughter’s Apron, I used the ruffler foot and ruffled big time! So the ruffle fit just the bottom of the apron…loved how they were different then, yet still matching! Your choice…

d. Fold the ruffle in half and put a pin in the middle…Fold your skirt (make sure that you are folding the 22” side…the 24” is the length side! J) in half and put a pin in that little fold.

making the ruffle

making the ruffle

Matching right side to right side of fabric and raw edge to raw edge, match your pins and pin the ruffle to your skirt. You can round your corners like I did on the Mother’s apron…leave a little more fabric on those corners!!!

making the ruffle

   f. Iron your seam toward the skirt fabric and then top stitch 1/8" above the ruffle to keep that ruffle down! I adore top stitching!!

making the ruffle

   g. Do the same for the Daughter’s Apron, matching pinned middle to pinned middle, but just to the bottom of the skirt.


4. Waist Ties!

    NOTE: You can make this whole strip one color of fabric, but let me warn you (yep, from personal experience), you want to make sure you cannot see the red skirt fabric through this waist tie fabric, which is why some of these pics are using all of the Blue Denim and then I switch to using the red semi-solid fabric. I can tell you love me being authentic, right???

   a. Cut one strip of your Blue Denim strip in half so you have two 22” strips.


   b. Sew one of the blue strips on each side of the semi-solid red strip right sides together to make one big strip.



   c. Fold right side together and sew leaving 21” open in the middle of the Mom’s apron ties and 13” open in the Daughter’s apron ties. To measure that 21” and 13” opening, I marked my middle (again, by folding the strip) and measured out 10 ½” on either side of that middle and put pins on either side. (6 ½” for the Daughter’s apron ties)

   d. Turn right side out and iron! Make sure you iron the open edges in a ¼” too.


5. Put that waist band on that skirt!

   a. Mark the middle of the top of your skirt by folding and putting a pin in that fold. Sew two sets of gathering basting stitches at about 1/3” in at the top raw edge of the skirt. And gather!


   b. To match my waist tie and my skirt top, I fold the strip and put a pin in the middle again.

skirt + waistband

   c. Match and insert the skirt top inside the waist tie! So cool!

skirt + waistband

   d. Pin, pin and pin some more!!

   e. Sew a top stitching to secure the skirt inside the waist tie.

   f. Optional: Now I have a very cool Janome sewing machine that has cool decorative stitches on it and I wanted to embellish my little daughter’s apron. So I picked a flower stitch to also solidify the stitching on the waist tie and the skirt.

stitching waistband

stitching waistband 

(this is me practice stitching, making sure I like the way the flowers took me three different flowers to find the stitch I liked the most!'s good for you!! :))


Cute, right????

   g. Here’s where you fold in the ends of your ties and top stitch (with a straight stitch 1/8” inside the edge of the strip) all around your waist tie! J


6. Neck ties (not the kind your dad wears!)

   a. Fold over and sew wrong sides together and turn right side out.

   b. Top stitch around the whole strip, folding one edge in and leaving one of the ends raw. (it will be hidden.)

   c. Cut a 3 ¼” piece off of the raw end.


7. The TOP! Yipeeee!! We are going to make a trapezoid…don’t worry…not too much Geometry here!

            a. Measure and mark 3 ½” from each side on the top of your 13 ½” side (10” side for Daughter’s)

the top

(can you see my pencil marks?)

the top

   b. Take your ruler and your rotary cutter and place your ruler from the mark down to the bottom corner of your top pieces. (Make sure you have both pieces right sides together!! Super fast!) Cut that triangular edge off!

the top

   c. Do both sides creating a trapezoid!


   d. Put your D rings together inside your short piece of neck tie!

top   top

   e. Match both of your raw edges of your neck ties to the raw edges of the top of your Top piece and sandwich them inside those two pieces. Pin away!!!


   f. Sew around entire top, leaving a little opening on the bottom to turn right side out.


I went back and zigzagged my top edges to reinforce the neck ties securely!

   g. Turn right side out and top stitch all around the entire top.


   h. Here is where you can embroider a sweet little nameplate. I decided to just do the Daughter’s nameplate with “la petite chef”. I just wrote those words and put a piece of batting behind it and embroidered using a backstitch and embroidery thread.


   i. Then I zigzag stitched around the whole nameplate onto the top.


And of course you can add those awesomely cute Riley Blake buttons that coordinate with your fabric! LOVE!


   j. Don’t forget to sew a seam using a zipper foot on your D-ring tab to secure those rings! Perfect!!


7. Sewing the top to the bottom!! (easiest part!!)

sewing all of it together

   a. Pin the bottom of the top piece to the waist ties. You can sew this with the front on top in your sewing machine…just be careful you take those pins out as you sew! (How many needles have we broken using hidden pins???) Sewing on the top ensures your sewing lines are looking the way you want them to! You can also use the same color thread to match that waist band and hide the stitches.

   b. Be sure to sew several lines of stitching to secure that top on!

the aprons

And now you have two gorgeous matching aprons!!

---printer friendly version---


My thanks to Riley Blake for letting me share this tutorial with you!! I also thank Amanda Herring with the Quilted Fish for designing such fabulous fabric!! Wow!!! And to my darling friend Megan with Megan Rogers Photography for taking pics of my sweet Lillian and me with these awesomely easy to make matching aprons!!

sally and lillianTo see more of my sewing antics (and Lillian’s and my other three kids' wildness), check out my blog at! And be sure to comment and post any pics when you make these!! Yipeeee!!!!

sally's angelworks aprons

sally's angelworks matching aprons

sally's angelworks matching aprons

sally's angelworks matching aprons






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