Stacked Circles Fabric Flower

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Stacked Circles Fabric Flower

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Instructor: Sara Christensen


Hello, I’m Sara Christensen from the blog My Fabric Obsession. I also have an online fabric shop called Flannel Queen. I love to sew, but I don’t like unfinished projects. As a result, I tend to only do super easy and fast projects. The Stacked Circles Fabric Flower definitely falls in that category. I am so happy to share this fun tutorial with you! I have to warn you, though…these flowers are addicting! You’ll want to add them to everything!

Materials list:

  • Needle
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Fabric Scraps from the Riley Blake Daydream collection
  • 1 Button (Riley Blake Designs "Sew Together" Button 1-inch)



Step 1: Plan out the five layers of your flower. For this tutorial, layer 1 is the top (smallest) layer. Layer 5 is the bottom (largest) layer.

 Step 2: Freehand cut your layer 1 circle. It should be approximately 2 inches in diameter. (hint: if you are using a 1-inch button, lay the button on the fabric and use the shape of the button as a guide as you cut ½ inch around the entire button)



Step 3: Lay your layer 1 circle on the fabric you are using for the layer 2 circle.  Use the shape of the layer 1 circle as a guide as you cut ¼ inch around it to make your layer 2 circle. Repeat for the remaining circles. Each layer is ¼ inch larger all around the circle.


Step 4:Take your layer 1 circle and fold it in half. Now fold it in half again. It should look like this:


Now sew a couple stitches through the pointy corner of the ¼ circle like this:


   Now when you open your circle back up, it will be a little puckered:


Step 5: Repeat step 4 for all of your circles.


Step 6:Layer all of your circles on top of each other and put a couple stitches through the center to hold it together.

Step 7: Hand-sew the button to the top of the flower. You’re done!



The Stacked Circles Flower on a headband:

Using the same fabric for all of the circles:

Using contrasting fabrics:

On a skirt:

Aren't the Daydream fabrics gorgeous? I hope you have fun playing around with this project. I sure did!

Sara Christensen,

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