"Hair Ring" Headband Tutorial

Posted by quiltedfish on Monday, May 30th, 2011

Hello again!  It is I, Amanda Herring, from The Quilted Fish.  I am back again to share another fun tutorial with you.  This is a SUPER easy and really customizable pattern.  My favorite kind!

I have named this pattern "Hair Ring" because of my last name....Herring.  Get it??  Do ya? Huh?  Huh?  I love funny names.  They make me smile!

Okay, let's get to it!

Here is what you will need:

Two 4” x 10” pieces of fabric (I like to use two different fabrics so that the headband is reversible)

One 6” x 2 1/2” strip of fabric

One 4 1/2” piece of ½” elastic


If you want to add a clip (flowers are on a clip), you can use whatever you want!  Here is what I used:

One large and one small crocheted flower 

Scrap of felt

Alligator clip


Here is what you do:

1. Sew 6” x 2 ½” strip together along the 6” side to form the elastic casing.  Turn right side out.

Hair ring 2

2. Put a safety pin on one end of the elastic and slide it inside of the elastic casing.  Match up the end without the safety pin to the inside of a raw edge of the casing.  Sew elastic to casing on raw edges, 1/8” from the raw edge.  

hair ring 3

3. Feed safety pin on elastic through to the other end of the casing.  Sew casing and elastic together 1/8” from the raw edge.  Replace safety pin in one end of the casing.

hair ring 4

4. Cut two of the headband templates.  Lay headband pieces together, with right sides facing.  On one of the ends, fold the fabric up 1/4” and press.

hair ring 5hair ring 6

5. On the ends of the headband pieces that are not folded, pin the end of the elastic and casing without the safety pin between the layers. hair ring 7

hair ring 8

6. Sew around three sides of the headband, leaving the folded edge open.  

Hair ring 9

7. Feed the safety pin on the casing through the open (folded) edge of the headband piece, and pull headband right side out.  Remove safety pin from casing and press headband.

hair ring 10hair ring 11 

8. Slip the loose end of the elastic and casing into folded edge and pin.  Topstitch all the way around the headband starting on the end where the elastic is pinned.  Finish on the same end, going over the stitching again.

hair ring 12

hair ring 13

9. Make a 1/4” buttonhole 6” from one end (where headband piece and casing meet) of the headband.

hair ring 13

To make flower clip:

10. Cut a piece of felt to the desired size.  Clip a ¼” slit in felt, slip alligator clip in, with the flat side facing out. hair ring 14

hair ring 15

11. Glue flowers to the top of the felt.

hair ring 16

12. Slide clip into buttonhole on the headband.

hair ring 16

You can take the clip out and reverse your headband any time!  The button hole allows you to wear the clip on either side.  You can make any kind of clip or use a purchased clip.  





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  1. Where are the templates for the band???
    by Karen
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