Lola's Posies Broken Eggs Quilt

Posted by jackiewhite on Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

45" x 45"


Hi, my name is Jackie White and you can find me here making 3D art quilts and other fun quilty things.


I am thrilled to be back again showing you how to make a sensational oval quilt.    When I saw Lola's Posies, I just knew I had to showcase all the great patterns in this collection.  


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Let's get started:



4 fat quarters for the large ovals- I picked ones with the bigger Floral print

4 fat quarters for the small ovals- here I used 1 Rose Damask, and 3 of the Polkas from the collection

1 yard of the Stripe

1 yard of Clean White

1/2 yard of Brown Damask for border

2 yards for backing

2 yards batting

Fusible web that has a paper back

pencil and paper







Cut 8 10 1/2" blocks out of the Clean White and 8 10 1/2" blocks out of the Stripe fabrics.



Set the 16 10 1/2" blocks aside.


Grab your pen and paper and here is where you are going to draw a large oval and a smaller oval shape.   Don't get frightened that they have to be symmetrical and look perfect.  This quilt looks the best when it is a little wonky, and with the fantastic prints no small flaws will be seen.   For the larger oval, make sure it has an approximate height of 9".  If you are still worried, grab a plate and draw a circle and use that to stretch out the top and bottom of the circle.   Make sure your smaller oval is small enough so you can see a good portion of your larger one.  My small oval had a height of 5".




Take your four fat quarters that you had set aside for the large ovals.   You are going to fuse the back of the fabric so that you can get 2 ovals with fusing on the back, out of each piece of fabric.  You may want to place the ovals on the fabric first, and then cut out the area you need, fuse that and then cut out your ovals.   LEAVE THE PAPER ON.  This is pretty important.   Finish with 8 large ovals, 2 each of 4 fabrics.




Take your four fat quarters you had set aside for the small oval.  You are going to do the same thing as the above step.   Fuse the webbing onto the back of the fabric and cut out 2 ovals from each fabric.   Finish with 8 small ovals, 2 each of 4 colors.



Now rip the paper off the small ovals, NOT the large ones.   And place them in the centre of the large ovals.   It really doesn't matter which small oval goes on which large oval.  Press the small ovals to the large ones.  Now you see why you had to leave the paper back on the large ovals.

It should look like this now.




Take the paper off all 8 large ovals.  Stack them up very carefully on top of each other, trying to make sure the edges all line up.  They will stick to each other because of the fusible web on the back of each.


This is when we break our eggs, hence the title of the quilt.  We are going to make a vertical and horizontal cut in the oval so it ends up being in 4 sections.   I did mine on an angle so they look kind of wonky.  You can do yours however you want.   Just ensure that you press hard and don't move the fabric beneath the ruler.





It should look like this when you are done.



 Now comes the super fun part, by mixing and matching you are going to place them on the 8 - 10 1/2" white blocks we cut out at the beginning.  I start by just placing all 8 of the top left oval pieces on the blocks, then the 8 top right oval pieces and so on.




Then I just keep mixing and matching till you get a combination that you like.  

When you place them on the square, you can either join them up tight, or leave a 1/2" space between.    Don't worry if they don't butt up tight, we are doing a machine applique stitch that will cover all of that.  You also don't have to place them dead centre in the square, but can tilt them off centre if you like.  I angled 4 in one direction and 4 in the other direction.


Once you are happy with them, press the ovals onto the white squares.



Take your white blocks and machine applique or zigzag around the ovals.   The thread you use can either blend in or really make the ovals stand out.  You can also alternate the thread colors on each block as well.   


Taking your white blocks with the fun ovals fused on and your stripe blocks, lay it out in an alternating manner.   You can see that I alternated the direction of the stripe for each row as well.



Once you have found a pattern that you like, so the blocks into rows, then sew the rows together.  Press.


Now we are going to add borders.  I cut the Brown Damask into 2 1/2" strips and sewed them together.  Then added a border to the top and bottom and then to the sides.  Press.




I wanted a little tiny border with a dash of colour, so I added a 1" border of the yellow polka dots.  Cut strips of 1 1/2" and sew together and sew on the top and bottom of the quilt, and then to the sides.  Press.



The reason I wanted that little bit of yellow border is I am going to put some miniature ovals on the brown border.  I used all the leftover fabric from the ovals that already has the fusing applied to the fabric.  I made a small oval template of approximately 1 1/2" x 2"  and cut out 32 of these little ovals.   



I then laid them on the brown border in the top left corner going across and down, and in the bottom right corner going across and down.  I left 1/2" between each one.   Press to hold.




I did free motion swirls around the small ovals.  I didn't want to use a satin stitch as I found it too bulky for the size of them.   Plus it gave me a chance to use the other stitches on my machine that I never use.


Quilt and bind and you have a beautiful quilt.   Enjoy!




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