Happy Market Sack

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Happy Market Sack
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Mickey Zimmer
17 x 26 inches


We are Mickey and April from Sweetwater Cotton Shoppe in rural Minnesota...and we are so excited to be an Instructor at the Cutting Corners College.  Today we will be showing you how to make a "Happy Market Sack" with a fun Rollie Pollie {love the name!} which uses those big snap-together grommets--which are so darn easy it's crazy.


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happy final


 happy 1a

1 Happier Rollie Pollie (26—2 ½ x 22 inch strips)
2 ⅛ yards accent print (Happier blue print)
2 ⅛ yards muslin
6 large grommets
Batting Pieces Measuring
17 ½ x 17 ½ inches and 26 x 60 inches

From the accent fabric cut:

2—17 ½ inch circles (bottoms)
1— 26 x 52 ½ inch rectangle
2—5 x 52 inch strips (handle)

 happy 1b

Cut each Rollie Pollie Strip in half for 2 1/2 x 22 inch strips...only 26 will be used...Lay out your favorite strips.

 happy 1

Sew together 26—2 ½ x 22 inch strips.

 Layer muslin, batting, and strip set; top stitch.  Repeat with a 17 1/2 inch circle, batting, and muslin and top stitch.

 happy 5

Then stitch ends together of stitched strip set to make a cylinder.  Stitch strip cylinder to 17 ½ inch top stitched circle making sure the right sides match.  Repeat with lining.

happy 6

happy 7

happy 8

Fold lining so it is wrong side out then put strip cylinder inside with right sides out.

happy 9

Stitch around top and pull through opening.

happy 10

Stitch opening shut.

From top of strips measure 3 ½ inches of lining material.  (This will be the top.)  Top stitch a ½ inch down from top and ½ inch up from bottom.

happy 11

 happy 13

 Insert grommets according to directions on package—be careful when cutting circles; they can always be cut larger if grommet is too big.

 happy 14

 happy 15

 happy 16


Using the 5 inch strips cut in step 1 stitch end to end then fold with rights sides together and stitch closed.  Turn right sides out and press. 

happy 17

Lace through grommets starting and ending at the back...then stitch ends to bottom of back (an inch up from bottom seam).


 happy 17

Knot Ends.  Cut at desired length then stitch ends to bottom of back (an inch up from bottom seam).

happy 19

happy 20


happy 21


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