Quilted Pillow

Posted by deonnstott on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Quilted “Fat Quarter” Pillow

Fat Quarter Pillows  Quilted Pillows featuring "Dainty Blossoms" by Carina Gardner for Riley Blake Designs 

Course Instructor: 
Hi, there!  I'm Deonn @ Quiltscapes , back to share some quilty fun here at Cutting Corners.  What a great way to start off the new year!
I ♥ Riley Blake Designs' fabric!
Always fresh and fun, a little something for everyone.  Fabric that puts a smile on your face.  And I’m always tickled when the girls at RBD invite me to come over to play ~ love these “Dainty Blossoms” (coming to stores mid-January)!
Course Description:
These quick pillows take just a few fabulous fat quarters, and we'll review a couple of our “ Quilting Basics ” techniques to quickly put them together.
Here's what's in store today:
  • Half- and Quarter-Square Triangles ( Building Blocks II )
  • How to put a Machine Binding on a quilt (including a review of mitered corners and that mysterious final joined seam for a Continuous Binding).
  • An Embellished Finish ( Finishing School IV )

Course Supplies:
2 Coordinating Fat Quarters
1 yard backing, or 4 more Fat Quarters
         2 ~ 2" width of fabric strips for binding

         2 yards Pom-Poms
         Button (optional)
         2 ~ 16" to 18" Pillow Forms

Course Instructions:

~ Half- and Quarter-Square Triangles ~

Begin with 2 coordinating Fat Quarters
(What's a Fat Quarter??   1 yard of fabric cut in half, then half again.
The resulting piece usually measures 18" tall and 20" to 22" wide.
A quilter's favorite size fabric to work with.)

Fat Quarter Pillows 

1)  LAYER right sides together, TRIM to 18" square.
Fat Quarter Pillows
2)  CUT diagonally through both layers.
Fat Quarter Pillows 
 3)  PIN if necessary, STITCH, using 1/4" seam allowance.
 Fat Quarter Pillows
 4)  PRESS with seam allowance toward floral fabric.
  Fat Quarter Pillows 
 Yield:  Two Half-Square Triangles
Now, REPEAT Steps 1 ~ 4
1a)  LAYER right sides together
 Fat Quarter Pillows
 (Seams should NESTLE)
2a)   CUT diagonally through all layers
 Fat Quarter Pillows
 (PIN intersections and as needed)
 Fat Quarter Pillows  
3a)  STITCH, using 1/4" seam allowance.
 Fat Quarter Pillows
4a)  PRESS.  Fan intersecting seam, Press with nose of iron.
 Fat Quarter Pillows
 Flip over and PRESS seams
 Fat Quarter Pillows
 (Closeup of Intersection)
 Fat Quarter Pillows 
Yield:  TWO Quarter-Square Triangles
Fat Quarter Pillows  
~ Now, QUILT as desired ~
(See last month's Quilt It! Tutorial )
Layer with a muslin backing, a little batting for definition.
Stitch in the ditch along seamlines,
then doodle with your sewing machine.
Small projects like this are PERFECT to practice your technique.
TRIM quilted pillowtop
 Fat Quarter Pillows
Straight line and floral echo quilting
~ An Embellished Finish ~
(Optional: If desired, STITCH Pom-Poms, piping
or other embellishments to RIGHT side of quilted pillow top)
Fat Quarter Pillows
CUT Pillow Backing, the width of pillow top
 Fat Quarter Pillows
(approx 16-1/2" x 42", or use 2 Fat Quarters.  TRIM to pillow width.)
CUT backing in half, then FOLD each piece in half.
(approx 16-1/2" x 21")
OVERLAP folded edges at center for pillow opening.
Fat Quarter Pillows  
 If using an Envelope Finish
Place quilted pillowtop RIGHT sides together,
 Fat Quarter Pillows
PIN in place,
 Fat Quarter Pillows
STITCH all around pillow, pivoting at corners
and overlapping beginning stitches. 
Take a generous seam allowance.
 Fat Quarter Pillows
 TURN right side out through back opening.
 Fat Quarter Pillows
 Ready for a pillow form.
~ Machine Binding~
If finishing with a BINDING ,
place quilted Pillow Top and backing WRONG sides together. 
Fat Quarter Pillows
PIN well.
BASTE, using a scant 1/4" seam allowance.
Stitch all the way around the pillow.
  Fat Quarter Pillows
APPLY Binding
1.  Leave an 8" tail.  2.  Stitch using a 1/4" seam allowance. 
If you have one, use your 1/4" quilter's foot with a side guide. 
Stitch to 1/4" from end, backstitch, remove from machine.  3.  Fold miter. 
4.  Fold back down.  5.  Continue stitching, repeat miters at all corners.
6.  Overlap binding tails.  Make an 1/8" clip through all 4 layers of binding. 
7.  Cut off beginning binding tail right at notch. 
8.  Use cut binding as measuring tool to determine additional width
to add to ending tail.  9. Cut at edge of measurement. 
10.  Place tails right sides together, forming a "V".
11.  Mark a 45-degree line from notch to point.  Stitch.
12.  Check to be sure the binding did not twist.  13.  Trim seam.
14.  Press seam open.  15.  Align raw edges of binding with quilt, pin.
16.  Stitch joined binding to quilt.  Press.
17.  Bring joined binding around to front of quilt.  Pin corners.
18.  Stitch binding to front of quilt with straight stitch
or decorative stitches, pivoting at the corners. 
Try using an Edge-joining or blind hem foot
(guide in the middle) for accurate stitching. 
19.  Finished quilted pillow top.  20.  Fill with pillow form.
See Deonn and Cindy's ↓ Machine Binding Video Tutorial!
Enjoy your adorable pillows, or keep one and give the other as a gift!
Dainty Pillows
See why I these fabrics? A-dorable!   And these pillows are the perfect addition to my newly cleaned up and organized Sewing Room .  You're always welcome to stop by Quiltscapes , online or any time!  And thanks for joining me here today!  What adorable, wonderful thing have you made lately to beautify your sewing space, or that puts a smile on your face?  I'd love to hear all about it!


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  1. This was by far the easiest project I've ever completed! Of course, I had LOTS of help at class! Thanks so much to you and Deb!
    by SlowPoke in Salina
    June 13th, 2012 at 10:06 a.m.

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