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Hi there!  My name is Jackie from  Jackie's Art Quilts .  I make all things quilt related and crafty.  My favourite is 3D embellishing of my art quilts.   I love to embellish!   Riley Blake has graciously allowed me to share some cool and fun embellishments with you.  I will be posting the second Wednesday of each month on a different embellishment and what can be done with it.

 I find that lots of us  love ribbons, buttons, ric rac, and zipper tape, but then it sits in our studio as we don't know what to do with it.   My goal is to get you to use those embellishments.

 First up is Ribbon!  This has to be one of the most versatile embellishments today.   Ribbon comes in a rainbow of colors, patterns and widths.  There is something to suit everyone and every project.


I am going to show you how to weave ribbon and how to make  a ribbon flower.   The techniques will be explained with an example of each and then you can create whatever you can imagine with the process demonstrated.   I do want to see what you create, so be sure to let me know.

 This wonderful product from Riley Blake has so many options. What I love most about it is the fact that the edges are finished.  

 Today I will demonstrate how to make a weaved ribbon coaster, how to embellish a shirt and how to make a flower from ribbon. 

 Weaved Ribbon Coaster

Printer Friendly Instructions 


7- ¾” pieces of ribbon, ½  yard each

4 ½” background fabric, matching colour of ribbon

4 ½” batting

4 ½” backing

4 ½” square fusible web

27” x 2” fabric for binding



Cut 2 – 7” pieces from each of the 7 ribbons.  You will end up with 14 pieces of ribbon.

Iron the fusible web onto the right side of the background fabric.   Place right side up and lay 7 ribbons across in a row, so that they hang over the edge. 

 Tape down one side of the raw edge.


Take one of the leftover ribbons and weave it through.  


Continue to do so till you have used up all the ribbons.  Make sure you squeeze the ribbons close together as you go.  Carefully peel off the tape and press.


Turn over to the wrong side and place batting and backing on.  


Pin and quilt.  Once quilted, turn to wrong side and trim.


  Iron the binding in half lengthwise, and attach to coaster.  


I have shown you how to weave and make a lovely coaster.   You can make a mugrug by simply attaching another piece of fabric after you have completed the weaving.  Cut out a heart shape from the weaving and apply to a T shirt.   Go large scale and weave the front of a pillow cover.   The possibilities are endless.   


Ribbon Flower

 This technique is fast, creative and a very colorful addition to a T shirt, art quilt or child's quilt.


36" of 3/4" ribbon

scrap of batting

1 pin

1 or 2 buttons, or crochet flower or mini pompom, all Riley Blake supplies

needle and thread


Fold batting in half.  Place one end of ribbon on batting and stick pin through.


Make a loop and bring ribbon back to centre and pin this piece on top of start of ribbon.   My loop is about 2" in length.   You can make any size, the larger the loop, the larger the flower and requires more ribbon.  

Bring ribbon right across like a figure 8 and make another loop and repin.

Continue until you have 6 petals.  Gently lift off of batting, keep pin in and sew with needle and thread.   


Cut the extra ribbon off close to the centre and at an angle so it doesn't fray.  

My flower is stitched with white thread so you can see it.



 Pick which side you like best and attach a button, crochet flower or pompom to the centre.

 I put 2 ribbons together for this flower.


You can stick a pin on the back and turn it into a fancy brooch for a jacket or blouse.   Put an elastic ribbon around it and have a cute little girl's hair band.   I like to stitch mine to my purse or a small art quilt.  Attach to a shirt with some green ribbon as stems and change a plain white shirt into something glamorous.


 To add to the shirt, cut some ribbons different lengths and hand sew  the ribbons up the sleeve.  Make sure to allow the shirt some stretch, and tack the end under at the cuff.   To prevent excess fraying, cut your ribbon on an angle, and then dab a bit of clear nail polish on the ends and let dry for a minute.  Or if you really want to do it fast, fuse the ribbons on and remember to use a pressing cloth when pressing the ribbons.

 I hope you enjoyed learning how you can use ribbons to spice up your life!   I will be back next month with another fun embellishment.









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