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Posted by Andrea on Monday, October 1st, 2012

I'm Andrea of Knitty Bitties and I am thrilled to start the week with you, here on Riley Blake's very inspiring Cutting Corners blog. I started sewing with a passion over 5 years ago and haven't slowed down a bit. While I'm typically sewing for my shop, I try to squeeze in a little bit of 'fun sewing' each week whether for myself, a friend, or my blog. There is nothing I like more than getting others exited about sewing. When I'm not sewing, I like to bake ... which is why I run, so I can eat what I bake. I also love to sneak in a nap or book break every day along with sipping on a continual cuppa iced tea. Enough about me though, let's get sewing!
Today's project was inspired by both form & function. I have a Silhouette SD {crossing my fingers I win one of those lovely Cameo's someday soon} and while I love almost everything about it, I do not love that it's rubber feet leave marks on my white desktop. So ... this has been my current solution {for more than a year} ... a scrap of fabric. Because my Silhouette is left out in a high traffic area, I also wanted to come up with a cute and easily removable cover. This is a super simple weekend project that will add a splash of personality to your creative space! Here's what I came up with::
Silhouette Cover
Finished size:: 17" x 18"
Supplies needed:: Cutting Instructions::
  • Cut solid {red} fabric 5.5 x wof {width-of-fabric} / then cut to 5.5x17.5 / then cut remaining piece to 4x17.5
  • Cut solid {cream} fabric 17.5 x wof / then cut to 17.5x18.5 / cut remaining piece to 3.5x17.5
To determine the above measurements and cutting, I measured both the width of my Silhouette {17"} as well as the circumference around the Silhouette {17"} and added in an additional 1" ease to the circumference. If you have a Silhouette Cameo, you can do the same and then adjust the above measurements as needed to create a wide/long enough cover. Sewing Instructions::
Choose 4 of your charm squares for the main accent strip of the cover. Sew squares together using a 1/4" SA {seam allowance}. I substituted an embroidery accent piece for one of the squares. With the remaining 2 charm squares, cut them in half and sew them together for the secondary accent strip.
Arrange the strips as follow to create the cover {listed from bottom to top as shown in photo}:: Red Strip 4x17.5 Main Accent Strip 5x18.5 Cream Strip 3.5x17.5 Secondary Accent Strip 2.5x18.5 Red Strip 5.5x17.5 Starting with the Red 5.5x17.5 strip, begin sewing the strips together. Stop when you get to the Main Accent Strip.
Add the ric-rac accent to the Main Accent Strip. {Hint:: I like to glue my ric-rac in place using Fabric-Tac adhesive} Continue sewing the Main Accent Strip and remaining Red Strip to the cover front. Press seams away from accent strips. Iron the cover front.
Cut twill tape/ribbon into {4} 6" lengths. Place one piece of twill 4.5" in from each 17.5" side. Place the twill so it lays on top of of the cover front, pin and stitch into place 1/8" from the edge.
Create a quilt sandwich as follows: Cotton Batting, then Cover Front face up, then Cover Back {17.5x18.5 cream fabric} face down. Pin all around and mark a 3" opening. Stitch all pieces together using a 1/4" SA making sure to not stitch your 3" opening.
Trim excess batting. Trim corners. Using 3" opening, turn the project right side out and "poke" out the corners with a corner tool or knitting needle. Press cover making sure to tuck in and press your 3" opening.
Topstitch 1/8" all around the cover to add finishing detail and close the 3" opening. Add additional quilting to accent the cover.
Whaaa-laaa!! A beautiful cover that will protect your Silhouette from dust, protect your desk from Silhouette feet AND look good doing both!
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  1. I love this! I don't have a Silhouette but I have a Cricut and I think this would work for it too. Thank you for the tutorial!
    by Denise
    October 01st, 2012 at 10:57 p.m.
  2. do u know anyone that might be selling a sd ?
    by TONY
    October 19th, 2012 at 9:31 p.m.

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