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Posted by JessicaO on Monday, December 17th, 2012

Making these flower hair clips is fun and easy. Start with little girl ribbon to add to your princesses hair, sweater, or crocheted hat. Then work your way up to a woman’s broach or hat decoration.


2 yards Ribbon

1.5 yards Crocheted Lace .25” wide

1 Button

Heavy thread to match 

1 Hana-Ama Flower Loom by Clover (see the link at the bottom of this tutorial to find out how to make your own loom)

Scrap of fabric

Alligator clip


Choosing ribbon, buttons and trims with Riley Blake accessories is fun!

Ribbon Assortment     

Once you have chosen set up your loom with the largest circle in the base of the loom.

Largest Circle setting

I like to make a knot to secure the ribbon into the slot of the loom. It has also been very helpful to use a piece of tape to secure the tail of the ribbon to the loom.

Secure ribbon with knot

Bring the ribbon to the front of the loom. I find it easier to work with the ribbon if I fold it in half. Starting at the top of the loom, wrap the ribbon around every other peg of the loom.

ribbon wrapped    ribbon wrapped   Wrapping finished

The instructions in the loom will have you tie a knot and secure the ribbon to the slot. I found this very difficult. So I use a second piece of tape to secure it to the back.

Tape ribbon tail to back of loom

Using a matching color of heavy thread, double the tread though the needle and knot at the end.

I like to tape the thread to the back of the loom. The picture in this tutorial I used regular sewing threat but have now moved up to a no. 8 cro-sheen.

Bring the thread to the front of the loom. Using the loom needle thread it behind petal number #1 and #2.

Needle under petal 1&2

Pull thread up to the top of the loom. Use a backstitch around petal #2 and weaving under petal #3.

Needle under petal #2&3   

This will create a loop around petal #2.

Looped petal

Pull thread down toward center of the flower and pull taught.

finished backstiching

Continue to weave thread around each petal on the loom.  Once you get around to petal #1 wrap thread around Petal and secure with a double knot on the back. I have put my knot on the front because it was easier and I knew I would cover it with other accessories.

 Wrap thread to front    Double knot thread on front

Remove the flower from the loom. Trim the ends, and fluff the ribbon by unfolding it in the direction that looks nice. I like to finish the ends of the ribbon with fray ease.

Fluffed and Finished Flower

Now you can add the second flower. I used the .25” wide Crocheted Lace from Riley Blake. Too cute!

Wrap the lace in the same manner you did the ribbon. Backstitch using matching thread. Tie the thread with a knot and secure the knots and lace edges with fray check.

Second Flower

Stack ribbon flower, crocheted flower, and a cute button. I like to use a thick cotton thread and a double stitch to “tie” the three layers together. Again, I secure the knot with fray check, just to make sure it is secure.

Finished Flower

Using the scrap of fabric and your favorite glue, cover the back of the flower to hide stitches.

Flower backing

Glue an alligator clip to the back… and you’re done!

 About a year ago my grandmother gave me a flower loom. It was used "in her day" to make flowers out of yarn. Very vintage looking flowers. With brown and mustard yarn. I loved the idea but needed a more updated look. I really wanted to make a hair flower for my young daughter. I am in love with the Riley Blake ribbons and buttons and wanted to use them for the hair flower. The loom from my grandma didn't have long enough pegs to accommodate the ribbon. So I went on the hunt. I found a loom by Clover that has all kinds of size and shape choices. It worked OK but had the same problem, that the pegs were to short. I used the loom for this tutorial but still felt frustrated with the ribbon slipping off. So I made my own.


If you would like to learn how to make the loom check my blog for a tutorial: http://mamajamaquilts.blogspot.com/2012/12/diy-hair-flower-loom.html


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