Tiered Cake Pincushion (with Magnetic Pin Catcher!)

Posted by AllegoryL on Friday, December 28th, 2012

Tiered Cake Pincushion (with Magnetic Pin Catcher!)

A sweet and simple pincushion.

Course Instructor: Allegory Lanham (www.sewallegorical.com)

Finished Pincushions

Fabric Line: 'The Simple Life' by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake Designs
Course Materials: 
-One fat quarter each of two different fabrics from The Simple Life
-Scraps of felt or batting (minimum size 2" x 8")
-Ribbon or Fabric Scraps/Selvages for embellishments
-Circular Magnet (can be found at Home Improvement or Craft stores)
-Flat Washer (from Home Improvement store or I found mine in my kitchen junk drawer)
-Hot Glue Gun
-Basic sewing supplies (machine, thread, scissors, glue stick)
Course Instructions: 
I'm really excited to be sharing this sweet and simple pincushion tutorial! While there are a few strange supply requirements, this pincushion can be put together in an hour and makes a great last-minute gift.
Also, this project is child friendly under adult supervision. 
First, you'll need to cut your felt/batting scraps.
For the bottom layer you'll need nine strips measuring 2.5" wide. Strips should be at least 8" long and no longer than 12". Longer strips are going to make a wider cushion. 
The top layer is made of seven strips that are 2" wide. 
Don't worry about the color of the felt or whether it all matches. It will all be covered.
In addition to those pieces cut the following:
-A 2.5" x 12" strip of one fabric print and 
-A 2.5" x 12" strip of white felt or batting
-A 3" x 12" strip of the other fabric print 
-A 3" x 12" strip of white felt or batting 
I suggest using white felt or batting for these pieces because you'll be able to see the edge on your finished piece. If you were using dark fabric, then you could use black felt. 
Cut pieces
Sew your fabric strip right sides together with the matching felt strip. You'll be sewing on three sides with a 1/4" seam. Leave one short end completely open so that you can turn the piece right side out. 
That's all the sewing you'll have to do! 
Turn the pieces right side out and iron out any wrinkles. 
Now we'll put the pincushion together. 
Start with your stack of 2.5" wide felt. 
Lay a single felt strip flat on your work surface and start to roll it up. 
About 2-3" inches from the end, lay a second piece of felt down with the new piece overlapping on the top. 
Rolling the Felt
Continue rolling your felt pieces up, adding a new strip to the end of each one. 
The last strip you roll in will be the one sewn with your fabric. 
Be sure to place the strip with the fabric side down and the un-sewn end overlapping your felt. 
Rolling in the Fabric
Roll this piece up until you reach the end of your strip. 
You have two options for securing your end. You can use your glue gun and run a line of glue along the end and then press it into the felt roll. Or you can use two pins and push them straight in. 
Secure the end
Repeat the rolling steps with your 2" wide strips. 
To make the tops to cover your felt:
Place your roll on a piece of batting or felt of any color. Trace around your roll twice and cut out those circles. 
Take that circle and place it on your fabric. Roughly cut out a piece that's 1/4" bigger all the way around. (It doesn't have to be perfect.)
Using your glue stick, wrap the fabric up over the edge of your felt circle and secure it down. 
In this picture you can see the cut pieces unglued and glued: 
Making the tops
Repeat these steps for your other cake layer. 
Before you glue the tops on, you'll want to secure both the washer and the magnet. 
Using your glue gun, glue the washer to the top center of your larger (2.5") cake layer. 
Note: You can skip this step if you like. The layers stack on top of each other just fine. The magnet/washer attraction just helps to keep them in place. 
Washer Top
Next, glue the magnet on the bottom of the smaller (2")cake layer. 
Magnet Placement
Glue your covered circles to the top and bottom of both your cakes. 
Embellish with ribbons, ric rac or even selvages!
Stack on your sewing table and enjoy!
The magnet hidden in the smaller cake is perfect for picking up stray or spilled pins. 
Pin Catcher
Happy Stitching! 
If you have any questions at all about this tutorial, there are a number of ways to contact me on my blog

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  1. Sew Sweet! Love this pincushion. Thanks for sharing...Judith, Texas
    by Judith, Texas
    December 29th, 2012 at 10:30 a.m.

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