Ruffled Heart Pincushion Tutorial

Posted by JenniferA on Friday, February 10th, 2012

In honor of Valentine's day, I decided to create an adorable ruffled heart pincushion. It's a super easy project and really easy to customize the size/shape of your heart. At the bottom of this post I have a printable template that will give you a heart the same size and shape as this one.

For this project I used two designs from So Sophie by Jen Allyson & Deena Rutter and printed out the heart template (raw heart is 7" wide)

Then I cut two hearts out of the main fabric using my template





 And then a 2" wide strip from the accept fabric (aprox 44" long)

I took that strip and sewed a wide gather or basting stitch. A ruffler foot would work as well.

Then I pulled on the thread and gathered the strip making sure that the final length would fit around my heart shape.

I also folded the raw ends in on themselves and stitched them on the bottom edge to keep them folded

Then I pinned the ruffle to the right side of the fabric heart, using plenty of pins to keep it all lined up.

I then ran the heart through the sewing machine slowly, and then removed the pins and trimmed the stray threads.

Then I pinned the other heart right-side facing the ruffles, leaving a 2.5" gap for turning it inside out.

After I pinned it, I turned it over to the already sewn side to run it through the sewing machine. This way I could follow the existing seam and not have any stitching show. Here is a picture of my stitching, the lower stitch is my second stitch which effectively hides the original stitch once it's turned inside out.

I turned the heart right-side out and it looked like this - there is some puckering in the "v" of the heart but once it's stuffed that will go away.

I used a regular polyester fiber-fill to stuff the heart, and then just did a quick hand-stitch to close it up!

And there you go! A cute and pretty quick ruffle heart pincushion.

You can also visit my blog this week for a So Sophie Giveaway so you can make your very own matching heart pincushion! Happy Valentine's Day, and happy crafting!

- Jen Allyson, designer, blogger, & project girl!

Click on the image below to download the heart template

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  1. I love this pin cushion and am making several for Valentines gifts. Very sweet
    by Karen
    January 28th, 2013 at 3:39 p.m.

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