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42.5" x 42.5"

HI, I am Jackie from  Jackie's Art Quilts  and I am back with another fun tutorial for you.

I fell in love with Mod Tod the first time I set eyes on it.   It screamed fun and quilts.

I couldn't help but make a quilt emphasizing circles.   Let me just say, I have never done the Drunkard's Path block before and I am not a fan of sewing tricky seams.   The way I do it is not hard and not frustrating.  Be sure to read my 'Tips' section below before you start. 



1 yd Cream Gears fabric from Mod Tod collection

1 yd Brown Gears fabric

.6 yd Robin fabric

1.5 yds Chocolate fabric

2 yards zipper tape (optional)





Print off the templates.  When you go to cut them out, add 1/4" seam allowance around each one, and cut out that.

For ease of describing the two templates, we will call one a quarter circle template and the other the half square template.   They fit together once sewn.

Cut the following:

From the Cream Gears, cut 16 half squares

From the Brown Gears, cut 20  half squares

From the Blue cut 16 quarter circles

From the Brown cut 20 quarter circles



Pin first.  Use about 8-10 pins and pin each inch.  Do this by holding the fabric up off the table and easing the fabric together.   When you go to sew, put the half square down on the table so the quarter circle is up.   Go slowly and don't try and have the fabric lined up way ahead, just line it up about a quarter inch before the needle.  Continue moving the fabric together as you go.   You can feel with your fingers if there is a pucker underneath.  It doesn't matter if it puckers away from the needle, as long as there isn't a pucker in the direct line of the needle.




Sew together 8 blue quarter circles to 8 Cream Gears half squares and press.

Sew together 8 brown quarter circles to 8 Cream Gears half squares and press.

Sew 12 brown quarter circles to 12 Brown Gears half squares and press.

Sew 8 blue quarter circles to 8 Brown Gears half squares and press.

If your squares are perfect, then just trim to 7 1/4".   Here is the super secret tip:   If they are not perfect, then line them all up the same way and trim to 7".   

Sew 2 rows of this pattern:

This becomes Row 1 and Row 6.  (top and bottom)


Sew 2 rows of this pattern:

This is Row 2 and 5.


Sew 2 rows of this pattern:

These are the middle rows, 3 and 4.


Arrange to look like this, and sew the rows together.


Press and trim.

Out of the chocolate, cut 2 1/2" strips for the border.  Sew and press.   You will notice some zipper tape along two of the borders.  That was inserted when putting the border on.   With the top facing up, line up edge of zipper tape, zipper facing towards centre of quilt top, layer border fabric right side down on top.  Stitch border and zipper tape to top.

Layer batting and backing and quilt.   Using the remainder Chocolate fabric, cut binding into 2 1/2" strips, fold in half lengthwise, press and attach.  

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