Dresden Sheep Pin Cushion

Posted by sallykeller on Friday, February 24th, 2012

Dresden Sheep Pin Cushion

by Sally's Angelworks

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Welcome to this week’s pin cushion tutorial from Riley Blake’s Cutting Corners. I’m Sally with Sally’s Angelworks, and I’m thrilled to be sharing what I’ve created for you today!


If you follow me on my blog, you will already know that I am a sheep fanatic. So, when I was designing this sweet pin cushion, I wanted to combine a traditional quilt block design with some embroidery. What better way to do that than to embroider a sheep in the middle of a Dresden plate block??? Love!


I’m super excited to use this fun fabric, Fly a Kite, by October Afternoon from Riley Blake Designs! LOVE!!


So, let’s get started!!


Here’s what you will need:

Template for Dresden plate (found here)

Small scraps of fabrics (5 different pattern fabrics)

Fat quarter of solid fabric (seafoam solid)

Fat eighth of white (sunshine solid)

Embroidery thread, needle, and hoop

Scraps of batting and fabric for filling


Vintage Button (optional)




Print out the template and cut out the circle piece and the wedge piece. Trace them onto cardboard or clear plastic.


I love to save old cracker boxes and cereal boxes to create templates that last.


Take the wedge template and cut 4 pieces out of each of 5 different patterned fabrics.




Cut a piece of white (Sunshine solid) fabric bigger than your embroidery hoop. Cut a piece of batting the same size.


Trace the sheep and text onto the middle of the white solid.



Place the fabric and the batting in the embroidery hoop and using a backstitch, embroider your design.


The quilt police are not around, so you can personalize this however you want to. If you like bunnies or kitties or hearts, trace one of those in the middle of the fabric. Make sure you use the circle template to keep the embroidery within the right size. 

I am a huge fan of Perle cotton. I tend to use a lot of it in my embroidery projects! So fun!!


Put your circle template on top of your embroidery and trace a circle.


Cut that circle out and set aside.


Take your wedges one by one and fold the longer end right sides together and sew a scant ¼” seam on the end.


If you sew them by chain stitching, it goes a little faster and keeps your machine from eating them! J


Take clippers and clip the folded end and press the seam open with your fingers.


Turn that seam outside in to form a point. Do this with all 20 of your wedges.


Press your points.


Put each of the 5 different patterns in a row and sew them together being very careful to use a scant 1/4” seam.


Press the seams open for a flatter plate.


Take the four sections and sew them together.


Lay your plate onto your fat quarter solid fabric folded over (2 layers).


Using a ruler, measure 1.5” from the most right point of your plate and trim. Do this around the whole plate, creating the two pieces that will form your pillow.


 Pin your Dresden plate down and place your sweet little embroidered circle in the middle.


Zig zag around the circle.


Use a straight stitch to secure the ends of the plate following the edge.


Add a vintage button to spruce up your sweet plate!


Place both pieces right side together and stitch them together using a ½” seam. Be sure and leave an open part at the bottom to turn and fill it.

Trim your corners and turn it right side out.


Use old fabric scraps and batting scraps to fill the pillow. To finish the pillow, add rice to the corners.


Holding the opening closed, whipstitch it closed…

And Voila! You are done!!


Thanks for joining me in this tutorial! Special thanks to Riley Blake for the wonderful Fly a Kite fabric!! Come by and see me over at the blog to check out my latest wildness!! 




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