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Posted by KimH on Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Good day everyone.  I’d love to show you how to make a cute and cuddly rag quilt using Riley Blake Fox Trails flannels, my original pattern and some machine embroidery for embellishment.   I am a freelance quilt designer and writer…..you can visit me at www.KimHansonQuilts.com or at my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/KimHansonQuilts/137040896361496.

Since we are making a rag quilt, the seam allowances will be exposed. (I chose not to pre-wash flannels – as I like the way the fabrics look after the quilt is constructed and the project is washed.)   Finished size of quilt 45"x33".

Rag Quilt


C2680 Fox Trails Green Main flannel - 3½ yards (Backing)

C2686 Fox Trails Green Dot flannel - ½  yard   

C2686 Fox Trails Cream Dot flannel  - 3/8 yard

C2683 Fox Trails Blue Plaid flannel - ½ yard

C2681 Fox Trails Green Friends flannel - FQ

C2681 Fox Trails Blue Friends flannel - 2/3 yard

Hoo’s in the Forest Dots in Green cotton - ¼ yard

Red flannel - ½ yard

Heavy weight stabilizer (20" wide) - ½ yard               

Machine embroidery threads

Machine embroidery designs*

Pinking Shears

Rag quilt scissors

*The camping embroidery designs used for this pattern are from www.embroidables.com.



Each fabric piece for the quilt top, is paired with a corresponding piece for the quilt bottom.


For Quilt Top:

 Quilt Drawing

Block A:

Cut four            8"x9" squares from red flannel

Cut eight           4" circles from both the Green Dot and Cream Dot flannel


Block B:

First Cut:           two 3"x44" strips of five different flannels (Green Dot, Cream Dot, Blue Plaid, Green Friends, Blue Friends).  

Second Cut:      from the strips, cut 40 pieces in total – eight pieces 3"x8" of each fabric.


Block C:

Cut six                5"x9" pieces from red flannel

Cut three            9"x9" squares from the green pin dot cotton

Cut three            9"x9" squares from the heavy duty stabilizer


Piece D:

First Cut:            one 3"x44" strip of Green Dot flannel

Second cut:        two pieces each 3"x15 ½"


Top and Bottom Borders Piece E:

First Cut:             two 4"x44" strips of Blue Plaid. 

Second Cut:        two pieces 4"x15 ½" and four pieces 4"x8"


Side Borders Piece E:

First Cut:            three 4"x44" strips of Blue Friends. 

Second cut:        four pieces 4"x12 ½" and six pieces 4"x9"


For Quilt Back:

Cut a matching backing piece from the quilt backing fabric (Green Main Flannel) for each quilt top piece.  For Block C backing pieces, cut three pieces 8"x16".



  • Download three camping embroidery designs to your computer and then load into the embroidery/sewing machine.  Place a 9"x9" square of green pin dot fabric, right side up, on top of a 9"x9" square of heavy duty weight stabilizer and insert both into medium sized embroidery hoop. 


  • Embroider each design in the center of the square, trimming all jump threads as you go. Trim each embroidered square to 7" wide x 8" long.


Block Construction:


Block A:

  • Right side up, place one 4" circle on red 8"x9" square flannel – slightly off center to the left. 

  • Stitch around the outside of the circle, ¼" from raw outer edge.  Stitch again, ¼" from stitching line.  Add second, third and fourth circles – pinning each circle prior to stitching. 


  • Wrong sides together, match all four Block A’s with corresponding 8"x9" backing piece.  Secure fabrics together by stitching around perimeter ¾" from outside edge.


Block B:

  • Wrong sides together, match all 40 - 3"x8" pieces with its corresponding backing piece.  Stitch the two pieces together down the mid-line to secure. 


  • In typical rag quilt style construction with backing sides together, stitch four 3"x8" pieces together, ½" from raw edge.  Sew together, ten,  four-piece units to form Block B’s.  Trim edges to even as necessary.


Block C:

  • Stitch one 5"x9" flannel piece to either side of the three embroidered squares.  Press seams away from the center block. Wrong sides together, match up each Block C piece with its corresponding backing piece.  Sew ½" down either side of each seam.  Trim. 


Piece D: (two)

  • Wrong sides together, match both Piece D’s with corresponding backing pieces and stitch down mid-line to secure.


Piece E: (16)

  • Match all top, bottom and side border pieces with its corresponding back piece and stitch down the mid-line to secure.


Quilt Construction:

  • Stitch together Row 1 as per diagram.

  • For Row 2, begin by pinning together two Block B’s, matching seam intersections.

  • Be sure seam allowances go in opposite directions, and then stitch.

  • Assemble and stitch together Row 2 as per diagram, including bottom and top Piece D. 



  • Stitch together Row 3.


  • Pin Row 1 to Row 2, matching seam intersections and stitch.  Pin Row 1 and 2 to Row 3, matching seam intersections and stitch.


  • Stitch together the three-piece top border and three-piece bottom border, match seam intersections and stitch top and bottom borders to the body of the quilt.  Repeat the same procedure for both side borders.  Trim to even.


You are now finished with the sewing part of quilt construction!


Begin clipping all seam allowances on the quilt.

Remove any loose threads as you go.  Using pinking shears, trim around the perimeter of your quilt on all four sides, just slightly in from each raw edge.  Your quilt must now be washed and dried – maybe more than once, to achieve that “raggy” look and feel. Trim, trim and trim again after washing to remove all loose threads.  There will be tons and tons of them!  It may be wise to take your quilt to the laundromat rather than using your own washer and dryer, as sometimes the quilt is too heavy for traditional washing machines.

Thanks so much!  I hope you love your new quilt.  Please email me if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them for you….km.hanson@shaw.ca.


Kim Hanson





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  1. I love how you combined rag quilting with machine embroidery, so cute and so many possibilities.
    by angel
    August 16th, 2012 at 3:27 p.m.

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