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Posted by jackiewhite on Monday, April 16th, 2012


Attention crafters, sewers and quilters.  I am about to change your life forever!   Want to make a quick gift, a gorgeous accessory for your favourite outfit or add some fun to a quilt?  Life is alot more exciting with buttons!   Hi there, it is Jackie from Jackie's Art Quilts visiting today.

I do all things embellish related, especially 3D.

I am going to show you how you can accessorize your style with buttons and how you can add buttons to your quilts to really cause a stir.  Riley Blake has the funkiest buttons.   You can get flower shaped, jumbo sized, plaid colored, whatever you can think of, they have it.

First off we will start with an adorable button bracelet.   You can do this with your child, with your coffee break gang or just a girls' night out.

Button Bracelet


elastic ribbon  8" 

assorted buttons

needle and thread



Take the ribbon and wrap it around your wrist so it feels snug.  You don't want it loose or the bracelet will spin  around with the weight of the buttons.  Mark that spot, add 1/2" and cut.


Lay your ribbon out.  Take your buttons and arrange in a row in a pleasing combination, above your ribbon.  You can layer your buttons on top of each other for a neat effect too.

Once you get something you like, find the middle of the ribbon and sew your middle button onto it.   When adding the buttons, sew them right beside each other so they are touching.   Once the bracelet is on, they will ease out a bit.   After sewing them on, then stitch the two ends of the ribbon together.





 This is a great way to dress up an outfit that you want to match.  It also makes a wonderful birthday gift for that special friend.


Next up is a beautiful brooch.   This will add class to any outfit, coat or handbag.


Button Brooch


1 1/2" circle of felt

6 -2"  circles of Apple of My Eye fabric

2" flower button

1" pink plaid button

1/2" blue button

brooch pin

needle and thread

glue gun


Take the 6 -2" circles of fabric and fold each one in half, and then in half again.   Hand sew at the point to hold together.   Do this for all 6.

Arrange the new petals on the felt with the points facing towards the centre.   They will not go right into the centre.  Test to see how it looks by putting the large flower  button on top to ensure the petals stick out from it.   Once it looks acceptable, stitch them down.


Glue the large flower button to the centre of the felt.  Glue the plaid button on top of that, followed by the smallest button.

Glue the brooch pin on the back and get out there and flaunt your stuff!






I add buttons to many of my art quilts.   They can send a message, add a creative edge, or just a pop of color.


Bye Gram, I Love You

This quilt used buttons to depict a message.   They flow from yellow to orange to red, with the colors symbolizing emotions.  


Whimsical Wonder

The buttons are on the binding, allowing the eye to roam around the whole quilt, including the perimeter.


This last art quilt added a pop of colour to the flower.



 As you can see, buttons are way more versatile than just doing up a jacket!   With all the fun colors and shapes out there, why not create some button embellishments?
















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  1. I think doubling or tripling up on buttons makes very attractive combinations for embellishments! Excellent ideas, Jackie!
    by Lauren
    April 17th, 2012 at 1:31 p.m.

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