Alpine Wonderland pincushion

Posted by BrookeS on Friday, June 8th, 2012


Hello, Brooke here from SillyMamaQuilts with a fun pincushion project using Alpine Wonderland.

You will need:

Several fat quarters

Red felt

Buttons and beads


Hot glue gun

Poly fiber fill and lavender, if you wish.

I used elastic thread to string my beads.



From Alpine Wonderland, I selected two fabrics for each tree.


I used this Clear-View Triangle ruler to cut two 60 degree triangles.



Sew the side seams, right sides together. 


After sewing the first side together, I pressed it open before sewing the other side.


For the tree with trim, I anchored it in the side seam as shown above.


So after both sides are sewn together, turn it right side out and use a wooden corner turner to make the tree have a point.  Now notice the bottom edge is not round, but pointy.


I took a pair of scissors and rounded the ends like this.


Next I ran a line of gathering stitches around the bottom edge.  I like to use a dark color in my bobbin so I know which thread to pull to gather my edge.


I decided to put some of this wonderful and fragrant lavender in the top of my pincushions.


I put just a handful in the top like this.


Next I stuffed them with poly fiberfill


I used my scrapbooking circle to cut a 3 inch circle for the bottom of the trees.


I put one circle in the bottom to hold the fiber fill and lavender in.


I pulled the gathering stitches tight like in the picture.  I tied the strings in a knot and then cut them.


For the felt bottom, I took my 4 inch circle and drew a circle on the felt.


I used pinking shears to cut the circle out.


I used my hot glue gun to apply hot glue to the cardboard and put the felt over it.


Now I am ready to embellish my tree…these are my supplies.


First I sewed two buttons at the top so they are like a star.


I then used elastic thread and on a diagonal made a garland of beads. 

My beads were different sizes.  I would sew a few on and then make a stitch.


So here is my finished pincushion!!  It could also double as a Christmas decoration.


In this picture you can also see the tree I did with the trim and the beads as a variation.


I hope you enjoyed this fun project…see you again!




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  1. Very cute and wonderful directions and photos. Thank you for sharing!
    by Cathy
    June 08th, 2012 at 4:51 a.m.
  2. Very cute. Love the buttons.
    by Nancy
    June 09th, 2012 at 6:52 a.m.

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