Butterfly Pincushion

Posted by Cindy on Friday, August 24th, 2012

Cindy Cloward here and I'm excited to share with you my pincushion. I  love all things summer...everything, the hot days, the flowers, vegetable gardens (fresh fruit and vegetables-yum!) and I love the butterflies.

 I have planted a few butterfly bushes in my yard to attract these beautiful insects (which they have also attracted hummingbirds too!) ...so butterflies were my inspirations for my pincushion.  

When looking for a good fabric to create my butterfly, Bohemian Festival by Lila Tueller is the perfect choice....the leaves look like butterfly wings.

Supplies needed:

*1/4 yard or less of Butterfly fabric: enough fabric for 4 wings, I used Bohemian festival

*A scrap of contrasting fabric

*A fatquarter of leaf colored fabric, I used our Riley Blake Green Shade fabric

*1/4 yard or less of fusible fleece

*1/8 yard or less of Peltex two sided fusible #72F

*Matching/contrasting Embroidery thread for your leaf and butterfly body

*Rice or your favorite filler for your pincushion 


*Cut out 4 different sections of the flower for a right and a left wing (2 top and 2 bottom)

After previously trying to sew the four pieces together (adding a fusible fleece for structure) I realized that was not going to work! ..so I decided to make a raw edge butterfly.  

*On the top of the butterfly, I lined up the wings and overlaped the fabric in the middle and used iron on Peltex (a pellon product), because it gives a lot of structure. Use two sided fusible Peltex and iron your top and bottom butterfly pieces, then trim.

A butterfly needs a place to land...so I made a leaf.

*Make a mirror image leaf- top and bottom.  I actually just pulled a leaf off a bush in my yard for my template and made it 5 times bigger.  I  also used the leaf to draw out vein lines with my pencil and I used a contrasting embroidery thread to backstitch the veins on one side the leaf. 

*Iron to the fusible fleece.

*With right sides together sew around your leaf using about a 1/2 inch seam allowance leaving a one inch opening to put in your filler. Clip around some of our curves and turn inside out.

*Fill your pincushion with a filler.  I used rice. Using your needle and thread close the opening of your pincushion.

Now it is time to make the butterfly body from any scrap of fabric that contrasts well with your butterfly wings.

*Cut a 3 x 5 1/2 piece of fabric and iron to the fusible fleece. Fold in half and cut along the fold.  

*Curve your corners.

*With right sides together, sew around the butterfly body (1/4 inch selvage edge) and leave a small opening for filler.

*Fill and stitch closed.

*Using a coordinating embrodiery thread tie around the butterfly body and attach to the wings top and bottom. This secures it in place and creates a head and bottom.

*With your needle and thread secure the butterfly wings to the pincushion leaf.

*Make sure to secure the head and the bottom to your leaf pincushon.

*Add your pins and you are finished...enjoy the last days of summer! 

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  1. Love this pinchusion Great colors
    by Margaret
    August 24th, 2012 at 3 p.m.
  2. Clever! Love the new fabric - perfect for your butterfly.
    by Deonn
    August 28th, 2012 at 9:22 a.m.

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