Boo to You

Posted by KalynnF on Friday, September 21st, 2012

Boo To You! 

A fun double sided wall hanging for you to make!

By Kalynn’s Creations


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Hi, I’m Kalynn… I have been sewing since I was 10 years old, I loved creating my own clothes in my own style.  Later I made most of my daughter’s clothes – including her wedding dress, as well as most of my two boys clothes.  As of late I have been doing more quilting than clothing construction.  Taking a pile of fabric and creating a one of a kind quilt is so much fun.  I make most of the sample quilts for “Pat’s Sew n’ Stuff” a cute little quilt shop in Ferron, Ut – yes my mother Pat owns the shop.  I have designed several original quilts and pillow cases, the patterns and some kits are available at the shop.  My daughter-in-law helped me start a blog – – it is just a start… with a full-time job and helping out with the shop I don’t get to it  very often so it isn’t where I would like it to be, but is a start. 

On with my tutorial… I am so excited to share my first tutorial with you at Riley Blake Cutting Corners! I created this wall-hanging for a quilt challenge – with some slight modifications it was perfect for Riley Blake’s Costume Clubhouse by Sheri Berry Designs.

 Materials I used:

One Orange Panel – focus square & center back

2/3 yard purple Graveyard – front borders

1/4  yard Black Web – focus square border and pinwheels

1/4  yard Purple Dot – back border

1/8 yard Purple Stripe – focus square frame

1/8 yard Black Stripe – pinwheels

1/3 Yard Orange Stripe – bias binding

1 1/3 yards Orange Jumbo Ric Rac

2 Lime Green and 1 Orange 1” Stitched Buttons

Finished size approximately 21” x 27”

Step 1: Framed Focus Square

 focus square

Choose one of the cute costume clubhouse characters for your focus square – trim to 7”.

Cut two 2” strips of purple stripe and frame your focus square – I mitered the corners on my frame –

 Press and trim to 10”.

 Step 2: Border Twist

Cut two rectangles 5” x 18”  from black web fabric.  Layer together right side up for both rectangles.  Measure 3/4” from top right corner and 3/4” from bottom left corner – Cut a diagonal line from mark to mark.

 border twist

Place straight side of triangle along top of focus block - right sides together, matching wide edge to corner, sew partial seam from the corner – press. 

 border twist 

Repeat for left side – continuing seam across edge of wide end of triangle.  The triangle will extend beyond the end of unit.  Repeat for bottom and right side.  Stitch remaining portion of top triangle.

border twist 

Press and trim to 15”.  Your focus block is now finished.

 border twist

Step 3: 3-D Pinwheels

For each pinwheel you will need four 3 ½” squares – background and four 3” squares – pinwheel.


Fold each of the pinwheel squares diagonally and press.


Place a triangle on the corner of each of the background squares.


Sew one side of each pinwheel triangle (the same on each square) to each of the four background squares.


Fold un-sewn edge toward the center and pin.  Lay them out so the triangles form the pinwheel, place top 2 squares right sides together and stitch.  Repeat with bottom squares.  Then sew top and bottom units together finishing pinwheel unit. 


Make 2 with web fabric for the background and 1 with the black stripe for the background. 


Sew the 3 pinwheel units together as shown in picture.


Step 4: Background and Borders

The graveyard fabric is directional so pay attention to which way you are cutting the following pieces:

From purple graveyard fabric cut:

one 3½” x 15”for bottom of focus block (width of fabric),

one 3½” x 18”for side of focus block (length of fabric),

two 2½” x 22” top and bottom borders (width of fabric) 

two 2½” x 24” side borders (length of fabric)


Sew 3½” x 15” background piece to right side of focus square.


Cut a 15” piece of Jumbo Orange Ric Rac and sew to right right edge of focus fabric. (lost the picture - sorry – you can see what it looks like on the adding border picture below)

 Sew 3½” x 18” background piece to bottom of focus square.


 Sew pinwheel strip to bottom of background piece.


Sew side borders – 2½” x 24” pieces.


Finish top by adding top and bottom borders (2½” x 22” pieces). 

Step 5: Back

Cut center of Panel along outside of black line. 


Using purple dot fabric for the back border,

cut two 4”x 15” pieces for side borders

cut two 3½” x 23” pieces for top and bottom borders.

Attach side borders, then top and bottom borders to center panel.

Layer top, batting and back.  Quilt as you desire.  Trim edges and bind, using bias binding made from Orange Stripe.


I attached three 10” pieces of Orange Jumbo Ric Rac for hangers and embellished the 3 pinwheels with Riley Blake 1” stitched buttons.

front finished                 back finished

Hope you enjoy your Wall-Hanging

Happy Hounting!  Boo to You!

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