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Posted by JessicaO on Monday, January 21st, 2013

finished product

Hello there! I am Jessica from MamaJama Quilts. I can hardly wait to share with you this quick and cute project. Using precut fabrics makes this project fun and easy. With most of the cutting already done, and such a large selection of fabrics in one packet of 5" stackers this scrappy look comes together with little effort. Riley Blake fabric lines assure that your project will coordinate.

A note about precut 5" stackers. Each stack includes one of each print from that line. Because each line of fabric is unique some stacks may have more or less squares than another.  


Supplies List:

2 packages of 5” stackers, Riley Blake Super Star (make sure each stack has at least 21 pieces)

3/4 yard Solid Color, Riley Blake Basics; Slate (Accents, Border #1)

3/4 yard Main Fabric, Riley Blake Super Star; White (Border #2)

1/3 yard Stripe Fabric, Riley Blake Super Star; stripe (Binding)

1 ½ Yards backing, Riley Blake Super Star Paisley; Tan (Backing)


Tread to match


Cutting Fabric:

 *note WOF= Width of Fabric

Wahoo! All the 5” squares are already cut. Go through the stack and select 42 of the squares you would like to use.

Cut 6 strips of 2.5” X WOF Solid Color (these will become half square triangle)

                Subcut the 2.5" strips to equal 84-2.5”X2.5” squares

Cut 4 strips of 1.5”X WOF Solid Color (border #1)

Cut 2 strips of 4.5”X WOF Main Fabric (border #2 for both sides)

Cut 2 strips of 7”X WOF Main Fabric (border #3 for top and bottom)

Cut 5 strips of 2”X WOF Solid Color (binding)


Mark Fabric:

Using a pencil, mark all 84- 2.5”X2.5” squares diagonally on the wrong side of the fabric

Mark Diagonal from corner     Drawn line

Place one 2.5”X2.5” square on one 5” square with right sides together and corners matching

Place 2.5" Square on one 5" square

Sew Across drawn line

Sew on line

Repeat for opposite corner

Both corners covered   Sew on line

Cut corner off .25” from sewn line. Save these extra pieces for next week when we make matching toy blocks.

trim .25" from sewn line

Press the small triangle out.

Sewn and pressed to make 1/2 snowball block

A quick note about directional fabric...

Some fabric patters have a top and bottom. The Super Star line doesn't have that problem. It doesn't matter which way the fabric is facing they all look just fine. But when you are working with a line of fabric like Happy Ever After or On The Go you can see that some pieces have a right side up.

directional fabric

As you can see, the top square two squares have a top side. While the bottom two squares can be placed in any direction and still look just fine.

If you notice that your fabric has directional pieces make sure to account for that when placing the 2.5" squares before you sew.


Layout the blocks in a randomized pattern making sure all the squares are in the same direction. The 5” Stackers gives this quilt a nice scrappy look. I try to avoid putting two of the same fabrics directly next to each other.

Arrange squares into pleasing order

Once the layout looks pleasing to you, Sew blocks into strips, and strips into quilt top.

top sewn


To add border #1 to both sides of the quilt, measure the quilt top from top to bottom (you will be measuring the longest side of the quilt top) to determine the length for two of the 1.5” strips of border #1.

measure lenght

Cut two of the 1.5" strips for border #1 to the length determined.

Cut border #1 to size

*Mark the center of the quilt top along the long side with a pin. Also, mark the center of one of the 1.5" strip that has been cut to size.

mark middle with pin

 After pinning the two center marks attach the one 1.5” X width determined by previous step by pinning from the center pins out to each end.

pin out from middle

Sew this border to the quilt top.

Press border #1 toward the border.

Repeat from * for the other side of the quilt top.

Measure the large block from side to side (this will be the shorter side of the quilt) and cut the remaining two 1.5” strips to equal the measurement.

measure width

Using the same process of cutting the strips to length, pinning and sewing, add border #1 in the same manner for both top and bottom of the quilt.


Continue the same process for border #2 starting on both sides and then top and bottom.

finished top with border

At this point I like to press the entire top with a light spray starch. It helps smooth the top to prepare for quilting.

Quilt and Bind!

I had so much fun with the project I added two more color combinations. I hope it will be as fun for you as it was for me!

Happy ever After On the Go

For project kits of Riley Blake fabrics to make these quilts, click on the picture of the finished quilt you like or visit my etsy shop by clicking the button below!


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