Boy Crazy Cabins

Posted by HemaE on Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Boy Crazy Cabins Quilt

by Hema

click here for a PDF version of this pattern.


Hello Everyone, this is Hema (a.k.a Malini) again from blog. I am really excited to share another tutorial with you, Boy Crazy Cabins. This is  improvisationally pieced wonky log cabin quilt. If you enjoyed my Cute and Spooky Spider Web quilt, I hope you will like this one too. The fabric line I used is "Boy Crazy" by Dani Mogstad for "My Mind's Eye".

This is a 10 inch stacker friendly quilt pattern, also sometimes known as layer cakes(10 inch square). This is beginner friendly quilt pattern since you don't have to worry about matching those seams or having perfectly pieced strips. I have been wanting to make Wonky log cabin quilt for a while now. I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did. 

Fabrics/Tools Needed:

  1. 1 10" Stacker or Layer Cake (we will use 21 10 inch squares)
  2. 3 yards for backing
  3. 1 Fat Quarter or 1/2 yard of Basic Shades Teal 
  4. 1 Fat Quarter or 1/2 yard of Basic Shades Wagon Red
  5. 1 Fat Quarter or 1/2 yard of Basic Shades or Orange
  6. 1 1/2 yard of Basic Shades Linen for background
  7. 12.5 inch square of ruler
  8. 24 x 6.5 inch ruler for cutting strips
Cutting Instructions - Block centers
  1. Select 6 10" stacker(layer cake) of your favorite prints. I choose 3 main(large prints) of Boy Crazy fabric line and 3 with lots of cars, making a total of 6. BlockCenters1
  2. From the small car prints layer cake cut 2.5 strip and keep them aside for ring around the block centers below. Also rest of the 10" stackers will be used for ring10InchRings
  3. Now, cut each square or rectangle into 4s, making a total of 21 centers for the blocks. 20 will be used for quilt front and 1 for the quilt back.
Cutting Instructions - Rings around the centers

Since this is improvisational piecing, I decided to cut my rings around the center of the block, one block at a time. You design your blocks as you go. This way I get to pick and choose the angles and fabrics I wanted to use for each block. For rings around the block center, I cut my strips between 1 inch to 2 inches so that I had enough fabric for 21 blocks from the 10" stacker. These cuts can be wonky, that is, one side might be 1 inch and other might be anywhere form 1.5 inch to 2.5 inches. We will be making a total of 21 blocks, 20 blocks for the quilt top and 1 for the back of the quilt.
Piecing the blocks:
First Block:
We start with the centers cut above. They already have an angle to them when we fussy cut them from the 10" stacker. The wonkier the better. I choose to have just a slight angle. 
Align the ruler with the one of the wonky cut centers and place your  1" or 2" strip and cut an wonky angle.
Cutting like this avoids the bias-edge outside of the blocks as we're adding one ring at a time.
At every step I try to center the block as much as I can, then align the ruler with wonky angle and place the strip on the top and trim.
Make sure you always place the pieced on top and the strip down. This way you can make sure the seams stay open while piecing.
Now your first ring around the cent motif is completed.
Next we will be adding print fabric strips around the block. Mostly I try to use the same fabric, but sometimes you can switch it up to. You will see that later during my final quilt block arrangements I sometimes switch fabrics. Just make sure you're adding contrasting fabric each time.
If while piecing your seams are not exactly 1/4 inch, no worries just trim off the excess after piecing. That's the cool thing of improvisation piecing.
Once all 4 sides have been piecing with print fabric. We will be piecing our outermost ring with shades linen fabric(background fabric). I cut my strips 2 3/4 inches ahead of time since I had more of this fabric.
Before piecing, match the outermost wonky angle with the pieced block and trim the angle on the background fabric as shown below. While adding the strips you can piece 2 fabrics together and then add it to the block as shown below:
Repeat the process for all 4 sides of the pieced block.
Our first wonky log cabin blocks is complete and trimmed to 12.5inch square 
Second Block
For our second block we will be repeating the same process but finish with a color outermost ring(Teal, Orange or Red).
Align the ruler with the wonky cut of the center square(approximate) and cut an angle on the background fabric.
Now sew these 2 pieces together.
Repeat the process until all 4 sides are sewn.
Add a print fabric ring around the block and press the seams open
For the outermost ring I am using Shades in Orange. Again, align the wonky angle of the pieced block with the ruler and match the 1.5inch line to cut wonky angle from the background fabric(orange in this case). 
Sew them together and repeat the process for all 4 sides.
Trim the the block to 12.5 inch square.
You will alternate making these blocks, 1 with  outermost ring as linen background and 1 colorful background(Teal, Orange or Red). I made a total of 10 linen background blocks and together 10 colorful background blocks(Teal, Orange & Red).
Arrange the blocks as you desire.
Once you're happy with your arrangement, start piecing the blocks together one row at a time. Then start sewing the rows together.
The only seam to match in this quilt pattern is when you're sewing your rows together. I used double pins for each seam to secure them accurately.
Press the seams open after each step.
Here is how it looks after all the rows have been:
Quilt Back:
With the leftover fabric I pieced one block for the back of the quilt:

Final Quilt
The quilt measures 48 x 60 inches, small lap size quilt. Perfect for little boys :-)

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  1. Beautiful work and nice presentation!
    by Patricia
    December 01st, 2013 at 11:10 a.m.
  2. Thank you, Patricia! I appreciate it!
    by Hema
    February 02nd, 2014 at 12:58 p.m.

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