Stripes and Dots Tree Skirt

Posted by JuliaG on Friday, December 6th, 2013

Stripes and Dots Tree Skirt
By: The Tuxedo Cat

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Hello All!

It’s Julia from The Tuxedo Cat and it is wonderful to be able to share this pattern with all of you. I don’t know about you, but the holidays have really come fast this year.  This pattern will hopefully get your decorating spirit going, if it isn’t already. I hope you enjoy and happy holidays!



1.5  yards of main fabric

1.5 yards of coordinating fabric

1.5 yards of second coordinating fabric

1 button of choice (About 1 inch works well)



Coordinating thread

Medium weight string


*As always I recommend washing and ironing your fabric before you do anything else. This will be a crucial step to getting the best results. In addition to washing and ironing I recommend using starch for this project in order to make it nice and crisp to work with.


Assembling the base skirt-

  • This first step to making this pattern is to lay out the two yard piece of fabric and cut your circle.
  • Fold the 1.5 yards of main fabric lengthwise so it is approximately 21” x 72” long.
  • Measure from one side of the fabric in 20 inches and mark this point
  • Measure a piece of string about 22 inches long and tie it off to a pen on one end and a fabric marker on the other end.
  • Place the pen on the mark that you made and draw a half circle using the fabric marker
  • Cut on the line that you made
  • Repeat the same idea with measuring the inside circle. This half circle will be 2” from the middle mark that you made.
  • At this point you should have one large circle with a small circle in the middle of it


  • Cut a slit in the circle from one of the side edges to the center circle.


  • On the outside edge of the circle sew a hem all the way around.
  • Layer the decorative trim on top of this seam, pin, and sew it down






Assembling the Top skirt-

  • Take one of the decorative pieces of fabric and cut it in half lengthwise (about 22 inches wide).
  • Take the second decorative piece of fabric and cut it in half lengthwise
  • Layer these two
  • Measure in 21 inches and mark this point
  • From this center point measure a half circle with your string and pen at 21”
  • Measure out the center 2 inches
  • Cut on both lines for both layers
  • Divide these two half circles into 4 pie pieces (while they are still stacked)
  • I did this by measuring the outside of the circle and dividing by 4 and marking then dividing the top half circle, marking and then drawing the lines
  • Cut each quarter
  • You should now have 8 pieces of fabric
  • Place one piece of fabric on top of the opposite coordinating fabric (face to face) and sew down one side
  • Repeat this with each of the pie pieces making sure to match the opposites next to each other
  • Leave the very last two pieces separated so that you have a slit for the back of the skirt


  • Pin and sew the double fold bias tape around the bottom of this circle


Putting the pieces together

  • Layer the bottom skirt on top of the backside of the top skirt
  • Sew the raw edges together starting from one side of the open slit, working around the inside circle (you may have to ease the top fabric) and finally back to the other side of the slit
  • Flip the bottom layer to the top and then top stitch the inner circle and the slit


Decorative front-

  • Take the front panel that is directly across from the back slit and baste stitch each of the seams on bordering the sides of the panel.
  • Pull the bobbin tread on both sides of the panel. The panel should lift to almost the top seam.
  • Tie the thread at the bottom of the panel


  • Cut two pieces of fabric 8”x 4”
  • Cut one piece of double sided fusible 8”x4”
  • Cut two pieces of fabric 1”x5”
  • Apply the fusible interfacing to one piece of the 8”x 4” piece of fabric
  • Sew the two 8”x4” face to face on three sides
  • Flip inside out and fold the raw edge under ¼ of an inch pin and sew
  • Top stitch the other three sides
  • Repeat this process with the 1”x 5” pieces
  • Take the 1”x5” piece of fabric and wrap it around the middle of the 8”x4” piece
  • Tuck the edges in (trim if necessary) sew  across
  • Place bow over the pleated overskirt
  • Pin the bow in the center and tack it on by hand



  • Take a 8 1/2”x 11” piece of fabric and an 8 ½” x 11” piece of double sided fusible interfacing and fuse one side of it to the fabric
  • Print out your letter of choice (I Used A “G” and blew it up as big as I could get it while still fitting on one page
  • Print out the letter, cut and then pin to the fabric/ interfacing
  • Cut out the fabric/interfacing
  • Fuse to the tree skirt (centered in the middle of the revealed underskirt section)
  • Iron the whole area really well
  • Set your machine to a blanket stitch and stitch around all edges of your monogram




  • Finally take the measure on one side of the back slit one inch down and one inch over and mark
  • This will be the where your button hole should start
  • On your machine make a button hole starting at this point
  • On the opposite side sew on your button




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