Pizza Toppin'

Posted by JenniferD on Friday, January 31st, 2014

Hi all! I'm Jennifer from I am thrilled to share my page "Pizza Toppin'" with you today on Cutting Corners. This fun 'build your own' pizza page will keep kids of any age engaged.

Pizza Toppin'



Printable directions

Riley Blake Product:
12"- Red large gingham (table cloth)
10"- Tan (crust)
10"- Wagon Red (sauce)
10"- Off White (cheese)
Scraps (1/8-ish yard) Toppings
      grape (red onion)
      smoke (mushrooms)
      yellow (pineapples)
6- 1 inch matte round buttons Red (peperoni)
6"- cream stretch elastic (stringy cheese)
1/2 yard- 3/4 " ricrac cream (cheese)

Other items:

1/2 yard Cotton batting

Fusible interfacing

Snaps and hammer (sew on would work as well)

Soft and Flexible velcro


Basic Sewing supplies


Table Cloth - 10x 10-inch cut 1 fabric & 1 batting

Crust- Cut 2 each of fabric & 1 each of batting

Sauce- Cut 1 each of fabric, 1 each fusible interfacing & 1 each of batting

Cheese- Cut 2 each of fabric & 1 each of batting

Scraps for topping see instructions below.

Let's Bake!

Preheat your iron to Cotton.

1. Layer Sauce Fabric, interfacing and batting. Sew along rounded edge with 1/4-inch seam leaving "sliced" edge open. Pink edges and turn right side out.


2.Press sauce in place on crust pieces. Hand stitch along round edge sauce so secure and add a quilty detail. You can also choose to add swirly details on the sauce.

Sauce Crust

3. Layer batting, saucy crust and bottom crust with right sides crust pieces together. On pizza slice piece tuck one end of cream stretchy elastic between crust layers at point keeping remainder of elastic clear of seams. Sew along all edges with 1/4-inch seam leaving opening to turn right side out. Clip corners and pink edges. Turn Right side out and press. Hand sew openings closed.

Crusty Construction

4. Prepare cheese layer in same manner. Layering cheese and batting. Trim, turn, press and hands sew opening closed.


5. Choose peperoni placement and mark cheese. Sew buttonholes into cheese. Place ric rac on pizza as not to obstruct the buttonholes, sew in place with a zig zag stitch. Lay finished cheese in place on saucy crust and mark placement of buttons. Sew pepperoni buttons in place on sauce. Add snaps to cheese layer.


5. Draw topping designs on scraps with fabric marking tool. Layer fabric, batting & fabric with right side of fabrics facing out. Hand stitch along markings and add topping details. Trim close to stitched edge. Add snap to back of topping. I choose pineapples, onions and mushrooms had also contemplated making peppers, sardines and sausage...the sky is the limit...make as many toppings as you would like.


6. Lay pizza in place at center of tablecloth. Remove larger piece and sew end of creamy elastic in place where the larger piece will be allowing for "slice" of pizza to be pulled out comfortably. Mark desired location for velcro placement...I choose to place small squares in the white sections of the gingham to make it blend in, I sewed in about 4 pieces so the slice could be positioned in different ways. Sew in place. hand sew strip of velcro to pizza slice. Pin larger piece back into place. Sew Pizza in place along sauce line leaving sliced edge open...and wallah pocket for toppings!

pocket pizza

Bon Appétit!

finishedbon appetit

What's Toppin' YOUR Pizza?

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