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Hello!  I am Bobbie with A Vision to Remember, where I have a blog and an Etsy Shop.  I am the mom to 3 little muchkins that keep me going.  I love being a mom, sewing, and cooking.  Enough about me...lets get onto what you all really came here to see.


Download the PDF with the appliques and cut out the appliques onto laminate fabric HERE

9" Lime Green Crochet Thread Trim

6" zipper

10" of 1 inch Gathered Hot Pink Ribbon

2-10" squares in Aqua cotton solid

7" by 1.5 inch wide piece of yellow cotton gingham


Directions for Raincoat Page:

Fold over the yellow gingham cotton.  Rub the seam with your finger or iron it down so it will be easier to work with in the next step.

Sew the yellow gingham cotton onto the neckline and the cuffs for the sleeves.  I held it over a 1/4 inch or so so that I would have some extra to fold under the raincoat when I was topstitching it to the page.

adding trim to raincoat

Sew the zipper onto the jacket

sew on the zipper to the raincoat

trim and zipper added onto raincoat

Top stitch the jacket onto the 10x10 inch square. Make sure that when you are sewing where the yellow gingham is that you fold it under so that the raw edge is under the jacket instead of visible on the top. 

Finished raincoat quiet book page


Directions for the Umbrella Page:

Layout the umbrella and the crochet trim to make sure you have the placement down.

layout of umbrella quiet book page

Remove the umbrella part and top stitch the crochet trim down

sewing down crochet trim for umbrella

Top stitch the umbrella part on top of the crochet trim

Place the gathered hot pink ribbon onto the bottom of the umbrella and top stitch it down.

Sewing ribbon to umbrella

On the pdf page there is a drawing for raindrops.  If you would like, you can cut out 2 raindrop pieces for each raindrop.  I would use something for the middle of the raindrops to stiffen the raindrops up a bit.  I would use either flannel or batting.  Then sew the 3 layers together.  I would use sew on velcro to attach the raindrops to the page.  That way the kiddo's can pull them off and have something interactive for this page. 

Finished umbrella

Thanks so much for the opportunity to create these pages!  You can find me at these places:





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