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Posted by MarieA on Friday, March 7th, 2014

Hey Y'all! I'm Sami, content creator for my blog Project Art Room!
I designed this quiet book page and my mom, Marie, made it! We're a great team!!
I work mostly with paper, paint, etc. while my mom is all about fabric!!
I loved paper dolls when I was little, and I know I would have loved this!
This pattern has 2 dresses, but feel free to design your own!
(if you do, instagram it using the hashtag #rbSandM and tag me @supercoolchic16 & @rileyblakedesigns, I would love to see your version!!)
So lets get into the instructions!
Click here to download the template for the armoire.
Click here to download the template for the doll & clothes.

-1/4 yard Paper backed fusible web (Heat-n-Bond Ultra Hold)
-1/4 yard Fusible Fleece
-Fabric, you could also use felt
1/4 yard, Pink Stripe
1/8 yard Yellow (floor)
small pieces of fabric for the rest of the items
-Velcro dots
-Desired embellishments

Step 1:
Prepare the Room
Quiet book wall
cut your wall fabric 8 3/4" x 11"
cut your floor fabric 2 3/4 x 11"
Join together with 1/4" seam allowance. 
Press seam open with your iron.
Step 2:
Make your Doll
Quiet Book Doll
Trace doll shape on paper back fusible web (Heat-n-Bond).
Fuse to back side of flesh color fabric.
Cut out the shape.
Quiet Book Pieces
Choose the hair you like, and repeat.
Repeat for armoire, shoes, clothes & underclothes.
Step 3:
Make the Armoire
Quiet Book Armoire
Trace armoire shape on paper backed fusible web x2.
(once with the tab on the right, and once with it on the left)
Fuse the shape with the tab on the left, to the back of the armoire (outside) fabric.
Fuse the shape with the tab on the right, to the back of the armoire liner fabric.
Cut out shape on line.
Quiet Book Armoire2
Peel off paper, and iron them wrong-sides together.
Sew around with a straight stitch or blanket stitch.
Sew velcro onto the tab.
Embellish as desired.
Step 4:
Clothes Pocket
Quiet Book Clothes Pocket
Iron a 4 1/2"x5 1/2" piece of fusible web on the back of the liner fabric
Cut that piece down to 4"x5".
Position it approximately 2 inches from the bottom edge, and 1 1/2 from right side, and iron it in place.
Cut a piece of liner fabric 4"x5" and fold it in half.
That is the flap of your pocket.
Align that piece with the piece you ironed on and sew around using a straight stitch or blanket stitch.
Sew opposite piece of velcro beside the pocket.
Place armoire door over the pocket, about 1 1/2" from the bottom edge.
Straight stitch or blanket stitch on the right side of the door only, as the "hinge".
Step 5:
Place the Doll
Quiet Book Door Attachment
Position the doll and iron down.
(repeat for hair, shoes, and under clothes)
Stitch around each with straight stitch.
Stitch the rough piece of velcro on her stomach.
Draw a face! :)
Step 6:
Make the clothes
Quiet Book Dresses
Cut the clothes out and fuse, fusible fleece on back.
Embellish as desired, with lace, trims, buttons, etc.
Thank you so much for reading our blog post!
We hope that you do it and put your own spin on it!
If you do please don't forget use our hashtag and tag @supercoolchic & @rileyblakedesigns on instagram!!
Sami & Marie!

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  1. Fantabulous! Absolutely adorable!
    by ChristyG
    March 07th, 2014 at 1:44 p.m.
  2. How do the clothes stay in the armoire withoug falling out while carrying or turning pages?
    by Judy
    August 25th, 2014 at 12:50 p.m.

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