Funny Faces Quite Page Tutorial

Posted by StaceyB on Friday, March 28th, 2014

Funny Faces Quiet Book Page

Course Instructor:  Stacey Byrne

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Hi there!  I'm Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts. I'm so excited to share my "Funny Faces" Quiet Book Page with you today at Cutting Corners College. Kids love making funny faces.  Why not keep them busy manipulating a few silly faces made of fabric, ribbons, and trims while building their dexterity skills at the same time? 

 List of Supplies:

-Two 10 X 10 background fabric (cotton solids)

-Two 10 X 10 pieces of cotton batting 

- buttons, ribbon, ric rac in various shades and sizes

- zipper

- pattern pieces

To Create The Face and Body Pieces:  Cut 2 of each monster face, body and hair pieces.  Then, place the monster face pieces right sides together, pin, and sew around the outside edge using a 1/4 inch seam.  Back stitch at the beginning and end and leave a 2" opening for turning. Repeat for each of the other pattern pieces.

Clip corners or curves, turn right side out, and press. Repeat with each piece.

Edge stitch around the outside edge of each face and body piece, making sure to close the open, pressed in edge.

To Create the Monster Face: Cut the monster face in half (straight across or diagonally depending on how you want the "mouth" to look.

Place the zipper right sides together on the bottom half of the monster face and attach with your zipper foot.  Then repeat on the other side of the zipper.

Press the seam toward the fabric and top stitch each side.

To Create the Girl Face:  Pin the hair to the round circle and top stitch.  Then cut two 8 inch lengths of ribbon.  Use a zig zag stitch to secure to the hair on opposite sides.

Use 2 pieces of ric rac for the piggy tails and a short piece for the mouth. Stitch in place and add eyes with thread or permanent marker.

To Create the Alien Face: Add a length of ric rac for the mouth.  The secure two pieces of ric rac at the top of the head.  Then cut the ric rac into three strips to create hair.  Finally, add two buttons for the eyes.

Add a button hole to each face and you're almost done.

To Create The Body Page:  Cut and lay 6 pieces of ribbon, horizontally across the body.  Use a zig zag stitch to secure each ribbon.

Repeat vertically with 7 ribbons.  Pin the body to one 10 X 10 square of fabric and batting, and top stitch.  Then sew a button above the body.

For the Pocket Page:  Press one long edge of your pocket piece 1/2 inch to the wrong side and sew.  Press the sides and bottom edges, pin to the other 10 X 10 " piece of fabric and batting.  Then stitch the pocket from one side, across the bottom and then up the other short side, leaving the top open. You can sew a border or ric rac or ribbon around your page or leave it plain.

For now, I think the alien face is my favorite but the possibilities are endless.  What silly faces would your little ones want to see?

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