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Posted by HeatherV on Friday, May 16th, 2014

Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Pattern by The Sewing Loft

Hello Riley Blake Readers!  I'm Heather from The Sewing Loft and I'm super excited to be stitching with you today. 

Since the beach is one of my favorite places during the summer, I wanted to create a page for my quiet book that infused some sort of ocean life.  You never know what you pretty things get washed up in sand.

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Let's get started.

Material List:

Basic Instructions:
  1. Print out template and trace body and tail onto the paper side of paper backed fusible. Cut away the inside of the body to create a 1/4" outline. Follow the manufactures instructions and apply fusible to the wrong side of fabric.  Carefully cut out.  *Cutting counts so be sure to take your time. Set aside.Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Page by The Sewing Loft
  2. To create the waves I used the aqua wave fabric. (love it!) I gave it a quick spritz of spray starch to stiffen up the fabric and then cut along the top edge of wave pattern.  Layer the 1st row approximately 3" up from bottom edge and 5" from the left side.  Alternating the position of the waves, I layered on additional rows for visual interest.  Pull the tail piece out and test your placement. To keep everything from shifting without pins, I used my washable glue stick.  Run a quick row of single needle top stitching along the top edge of your wave.Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Page by The Sewing Loft
  3. Cut off one side of ruffle 6" long.  Sew to the edge of tail. Layer onto your main page, fuse and stitch in place.Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Page by The Sewing Loft
  4. Since arms are considered small parts in my world, I like to handle them slightly differently.  I trace the pattern shape directly onto the wrong side of my fabric.  Then fold fabric in half and stitch all around leaving 1/4" between each arm.  This will allow for me to guide the fabric piece through my machine with ease.  Be sure to back stitch at start and stop.  *Tip: reduce stitch width for sewing small curves.  Press the arms to lock stitches in place.  Cut each arm out leaving 1/8" seam allowance past the stitch line. Turn right side out and stuff lightly with poly fil. *Turning can be a challenge to get started. Use tweezers and take your time. Set aside. Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Page by The Sewing Loft
  5. To create the bikini top, cut a strip pink fabric 2" x 4". Turn under and press a 1/4" hem on each side; stitch. This will be your bathing suit top and bottom edge.  Run 2 rows of basting down the center to create shirring.  Pull thread tail and knot to secure. Position bathing suit on body and pin in place at center. Peel off paper from fusible; turn back bathing suit and gently hit with iron. Repeat for other side.
    Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Page by The Sewing Loft
  6. Cut the top edge of ruffle away from two colors to add To add ruffle detail to waistline. Layer pieces together and stitch with a small zig zag to stabilize.  Position behind the bottom edge of body and straight stitch in place. Fold back ruffle at edge and tack to secure.Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Page by The Sewing Loft
  7. Add face and belly button details. *This can be done by hand or machine. I used the following for my features:
    • Mouth- Satin scallop stitch.  Stitch settings: Width 4.5/Length 0.3
    • Eyes-  Scallop stitch. Stitch settings: Width 4.5/Length 1.6
    • Belly Button- Eyelet stitch.  Stitch settings: Width 5/Length 5  *Note this stitch is done after the body is stuffed.
  8. Position body on page and pin in place. Sandwich arms on a downward angle and pin in place.Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Page by The Sewing Loft
  9. To create hair, cut ric rac into 5" sections and start to layer on top of the body and below.  Feel free to cut pieces smaller as needed. Pin in place and gently press the body in position.  Head over to your machine and run a quick stitch all around.Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Page by The Sewing Loft
  10. To add dimension to our mermaid, flip the page over and cut a small slit in the back of body area. *Carefully look at your stitching outline.  Fill with stuffing as desired. Slip stitch closed with hand needle and thread.Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Page by The Sewing Loft
  11. Add flower details with your button sewing stitch and belly button with the eyelet stitch. Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Page by The Sewing Loft
And that's a wrap! I know it was a few steps but she's a cutie! I hope you enjoyed my Enchanted Mermaid quiet book page. 
Enchanted Mermaid Quiet Book Page by The Sewing Loft
A big thanks to the Riley Blake team for including me in the quiet book series, it's been a blast.  Feel free to come find me and say hello! 
Until next time, keep stitching!

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  1. Darling! I can't wait to begin a Quiet book for my grand daughter this summer!
    by Wendie Fisher
    May 16th, 2014 at 6:23 a.m.
  2. That is too cute
    by Shar
    May 16th, 2014 at 7:22 p.m.
  3. So cute, great job!
    by Julia
    May 16th, 2014 at 9:28 p.m.
  4. This is a Creative Idea!!!!
    by Bibi
    May 28th, 2014 at 9:45 a.m.
  5. What a lovely tutorial put a link on my facebook page :-)
    by Kat Hazelton
    June 17th, 2014 at 2:21 a.m.

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