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Hello, my name is Kathy!  I designed this journal cover using a combination of the Pepe in Paris collection and Hollywood Medium Damask.  This journal makes a great gift and it is so easy and fun!  The journal itself is a standard Composition book.

Fabric A - 1/2 yard - Journal front/back  (Hollywood Black & White) 
Fabric B  - Fat Quarter  - Journal front edge  (Paris Airmail Lime)
Fabric C  - Fat Eighth  -  Journal front flange  (Lime solid)
Fabric D  - Fat Quarter  - Journal front applique  (Paris Stamp Lime) 
Fabric E  - 1/2 yard - Solid white flannel - inside lining/padding
Composition Notebook 9 3/4" x 7 1/2"
Fusible Web Product  1/4 yard (follow manufacturer directions)
Thread to match fabrics
Marking Pen
15" square ruler is optional, but very helpful
Sewing Machine and basic sewing notions
Fabric A - cut 1:  21.5" x 14"
Fabric B - cut 1: 8" x 14" 
Fabric C - cut 1: 1.5" x 14"  
Fabric D - cut 1 "Paris Stamp" approximately 4.5" square
Fabric E - cut 1:  28.5" x 14" 
Fusible Web - cut a 4.25" square
Photo shows the layers of fabric, with the flange in the middle of the 2 fabrics
Make a narrow flange for the journal front.  Fold the Fabric C piece lengthwise (wrong sides together), press, so that it is 3/4" wide by 14" long.
With the main journal Fabric A right side up, place the flange along the right short edge; match up raw edges.  Place the Fabric B right side down, so that it covers the main fabric and the flange, match raw edges. Pin.  Sew (1/4" seam) the 3 fabrics along the short side.
After sewing the journal front together, press the seam allowance toward the Fabric B (journal front edge)
Sew the pieced journal front right sides together to the flannel, along the short edge (1/4" seam). Repeat on the 2nd short edge.  Press seam allowances towards the flannel.  Turn right side out (it's a long tube shape).  The journal front fabric will show just a little on both edges of the flannel side.
Top stitch close to the edge of the flange and the fabric B journal front edge fabric.
Fuse the Fusible Web product to the wrong side of the applique square (Paris Stamp), centering the web product so that the fabric shows around the sides of the web.  
After fusing the web to the back, turn the applique fabric right side up, and then trim it up to  the desired size (for the "stamp" that I used, I trimmed it to 3" x 2 3/4")  The fusible web should be even with the fabric when trimmed, therefore the edges will be sealed.  
With the journal front right side up, place the prepared applique piece (remove the paper from the back) as shown in the photo.  Placement is approximately 3.5" down from the top and just overlapping the flange.  Fuse the applique in place.  
Using a 'satin stitch' (tight zig-zag stitch), and matching thread, applique the Paris stamp to the journal front. Put a tear-away stabilizer underneath the appliqué area (under the flannel, remove the stabilizer after appliqueing)
With the journal front facing up, fold in both of the short edges (approx 6" on each side), so that the center measures 15 across" (adjust the side measurement if necessary)
 Pin the folded sides in place.  Then mark a line across the folds, 2" from the top edge (mark line across the 15" center, using a ruler as above to make the line).  Mark another line 2" from the bottom, the center area (between the lines) should be 10" high. Sew on both the top and bottom marked line, completely across the 15" center, reinforce at the edges. 
To reduce the bulk in the journal cover, trim the top layer (the sides that are folded towards the center) about 1/4" from the top and bottom seams.  Also trim the bottom layer at an angle from the folded edge, towards the middle. 
Turn the journal cover right side out.  Using a blunt tool, gently push the corners out. Slide the composition book into the cover.  Gently bend both covers away from the pages, and slide the covers into the cover sleeves.
Here is the Paris Journal!  And a second Paris Journal, using different Pepe in Paris fabric along with a Houndstooth black and white fabric.  This version has the flange but no applique!
I hope you enjoy making this project! 

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  1. I love it! They are so nice! I think I'll make some for Christmas and birthdays!
    by Shar F
    May 19th, 2014 at 9:54 p.m.
  2. I like this project,thank tou
    by Luisa
    May 20th, 2014 at 3:05 p.m.
  3. Me encanta, muchas gracias por el tutorial, lo haré.
    by Sonia
    June 06th, 2014 at 8:05 a.m.

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