The Casual Straight Skirt in Jersey Knits

Posted by BonnieF on Monday, May 26th, 2014

Casual Straight Skirt Title

Updated 6/6/14 with revised formulas for skirt panels.

Hi, there! This is Bonnie from Fishsticks Designs, and I’m excited to be back at Cutting Corners College with another knit sewing tutorial. This last time I was here, I mentioned that not only do I love sewing knits, but I also have this plan to get all the sewists around the world to fall in love with sewing knits, too! Are you there yet? If not, maybe this simple pattern will do the trick!

Casual Straight Skirt Modeled

This quick and easy to sew skirt is stylish and comfortable. It takes advantage of those curly jersey knit raw edges in some fun little details, and you can sew it in any size with just a few measurements.

Casual Straight Skirt Line

If you’re new to sewing with knits, I shared some of my favorite tips and tricks in the Comfy Pants for the Whole Family Tutorial. You may want to take a few minutes to look them over before you start on this project.

Ready to sew a skirt or two? Here’s what you’ll need:

(These measurements are approximate and may vary based on your chosen fabrics.)
For a toddler skirt (Sizes 2T to 5T): 1/2 yard cotton stretch jersey
For a girl’s skirt (Sizes 6 to 14): 1 yards cotton stretch jersey
For a junior/misses skirt (sizes small to large): 1 1/2 yards cotton stretch jersey
For all sizes: ¼ yard of cotton stretch jersey for a standard waistband, OR
1/2 yard for a foldover waistband
1/2″ seam allowance included.

Before you get started, you’ll need a few measurements: hip (the widest point around the hips), waist (not necessarily the natural waist, but the point where the skirt’s waistband will sit when worn) and length (from the waist to just above the knee, at the knee or just below the knee — you decide what works best for you).

To find the measurements for your skirt panels, you’ll use one of these two formulas:

CS Skirt Panel Measurement - Girls

CS Skirt Panel Measurement - Girls

Cut two skirt panels with the stretch running across the width.

To find the measurements for your waistband, use these formulas:

Casual Straight Skirt Measurement #3

Cut one waistband with the stretch running across the width.
Cut one pocket: 8″X4″ for toddler & girls’ sizes, 10″X5″ for junior & misses sizes.
Cut two hem trim pieces: width of panels X 2 1/2″ with width running across the stretch.

Casual Straight Skirt #1
Fold both hem trim pieces in half with the wrong sides together. Match up the long edges and press well.

Casual Straight Skirt #2
Pin each hem trim piece to the bottom edge of one skirt panel, overlapping 3/4” and leaving ½” below the raw edge.

Casual Straight Skirt #3

Stitch the hem trim in place 1/2” from the raw edge. (Use your sewing machine’s stretch stitch or a twin needle for the best results.)

Casual Straight Skirt #4

Fold the pocket in half with the wrong sides together. Match up the short ends and press.

Casual Straight Skirt #5
With the fold at the top, pin the pocket on one side of the front skirt panel, slightly higher than center. Stitch in place 1/4″ from the sides and bottom.

Casual Straight Skirt #6
Place the skirt panels right sides together and pin along the sides. Sew or serge both sides.

Casual Straight Skirt #7
Backstitch or tie off your serging at the hem.

Casual Straight Skirt #8

To make the waistband, fold the waistband piece in half the long way, right sides together. Match up the short ends and pin. Sew or serge the pinned edge.

Casual Straight Skirt #9

Fold the waistband over again with the wrong sides together. Match up the long, raw edges. Rotate the seam to the back.

Casual Straight Skirt #10

Using a washable or disappearing marker, find and mark the center front point and both of the center side points on the waistband. On the skirt, mark the front and back center points.

Casual Straight Skirt #12
With the skirt inside out, slide the waistband inside with the raw edges up. Match up the back seam of the waistband with the back center marking on the skirt. Pin in place. Match up the front and side markings on both the waistband and the skirt and pin. Stretch the waistband slightly in between the pins so that the waistband sits flat against the skirt and pin again in between each of the first four pins. Pin this well so that your waistband is sewn in evenly.

Casual Straight Skirt #13
Sew or serge all the way around the waist. Stretch the waistband evenly as you go. Flip the waistband up and turn skirt right side out.

Casual Straight Skirt #14

Now you just need to wash and dry your skirt to get those raw edges to curl, and it will be ready to wear!

Casual Straight Skirt #15

For an easy-to-print PDF version of this tutorial, just click here: The Casual Straight Skirt in Jersey Knits

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  1. I've got 4 grand daughters & can't wait to have a go at this pattern! There's so many different ways to mix & match colours with no complicated instructions thanks so much for sharing xxx
    by Mandy
    May 27th, 2014 at 8:56 a.m.

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