Quilted Chevron Pin Cushion

18 May 2012


Hi! I'm Maureen, I blog at Maureen Cracknell Handmade and am a proud member of the Riley Blake Design Team! Today I'm sharing a tutorial for a Quilted Chevron Pin Cushion using very simple instructions and Riley Blake's new Chevron fabric collection. Now let's get started!!   What you'll need : : 1 - piece of yellow chevron fabric measuring 4" x 4" 1 - piece of gray chevron fabric measuring 4" x 5" 1 - piece of black chevron fabric measuring 4.5" x 9" for the bottom 1 - piece of scrap batting measuring 6" x 10" 1 - piece of ... ...read more

Meet Ricky and Racky

14 May 2012

Hello!  It is Jackie from Jackie's Art Quilts.  I am going to show you one of the most versatile embellishments on the market today.   Yet crazy as it may be, many people don't know all the wonderful ways you can use ric rac.  I hope to showcase some of the methods you can use to  create beauty with ric rac.  To top off this post, I will teach you how to make Ricky and Racky.     These adorable little creatures can hold your child's first tooth, keep a small treasure, or simply be a little buddy.

  I put ... ...read more

I {Heart} Applique II

12 May 2012

Lesson II ~ Chenille Appliqué Basics  
Chenille Applique

InstructorHi, I'm Deonn, and I work/play/dream/design over at Quiltscapes.This is a bonus tutorial, in a series of Appliqué lessons.  Last Month's Raw Edge Machine Appliqué Basics can be found HERE.  Next time, we'll explore freezer-paper methods. I remember sleeping under a chenille bedspread at my Grandma's house.  Soft, fuzzy caterpillar-like channels were stitched into a design on the blanket.  And interestingly enough, "chenille" is actually the French word for "caterpillar."      Today, we'll make our own chenille strips, then use them to appliqué a design and  finish ... ...read more

Cowgirl Hat Pincushion

11 May 2012

Hi! It's Shelly Pagliai (Polly-Eye) again, from Prairie Moon Quilts, and I’m thrilled to be back with my second pincushion for the Riley Blake Pincushion Club. I’m once again making my pincushion out of the new line by Samantha Walker, “Saddle Up”. I really love this line!
Cowgirl Hat Pincushion

You can download the printable PDF file HERE. It contains the full-sized templates you'll need.This pincushion measures 5" wide by 6" long at the base, and stands 2 1/4" tall. I recommend that you read through all the instructions before beginning.WHAT YOU’LL NEED:    8" square ... ...read more

Lean This Way, Pin - Keep

04 May 2012

Lean this way, pin - keep ( a no sew project) by Mdm Samm   I saw my first field of Sunflowers  in the Southern part of Vendee, which is not far from Provence. I went to school in France, I was 11 years old when the sisters of the order took us to view a miracle. It was a field of sunflowers, it was approaching 11:00 am. I remember because we always had prayers at noon before lunch.   The sisters shared with us all that we would be touched by this beauty that would last a lifetime. I have to admit ... ...read more

Summer Kaleidoscope Quilt Tutorial

30 Apr 2012

Hi friends!  I am Candice of Made With Love and I am SO excited to be here today to share a fun and colorful quilt tutorial using fabric from the Fly A Kite collection, designed by October Afternoon.  Ready to get started?
Finished Quilt

Printer Friendly Instructions Course Materials: Polka dots= 3/4 yard of 3 fabricsSolids= 3/8 yard of 4 fabricsAssorted Fabrics= 1/3 yard of 17 fabricsQuilt Batting= 80" x 80"Backing= 4.5 yardsBinding= 2/3 yardDisappearing Ink Marking Pen (I recommend Pilot Frixion Pens)6" x 24" Quilting Ruler12" x 18" Template PlasticSharpie Marker Instructions: 1.  From ... ...read more

Pretty Parcel Pincushion

27 Apr 2012


  3" Single Ribbon Pretty Parcel Pincushion Instructor: Emily Taylor Printer Friendly Version Cutting Instructions 1.  Cut two 3" squares of main print 2.  Cut eight 1.25" x 3" rectangles of main print 3.  Cut four 1" x 3" rectangles of "ribbon" fabric 4.  Cut one 3" x 7" rectangle of "ribbon" fabric   Assembly Instructions 1.  With right sides together, sew the "ribbon" sides of the cushion: one 1.25" x 3" rectangle to the 1" ribbon rectangle fabric.  Then sew another 1.25" x 3" rectangle to the other side of the "ribbon".  Press well.  Repeat this step for ... ...read more

Sunny Happy Skies Paper Piecing Quilt

23 Apr 2012


  Sunny Happy Skies Paper Piecing Quilt Instructor: Jessica O.   Paper piecing is a great way to quilt. All your lines will end up straight whether or not you cut straight lines. I used a very basic pattern so you could get your feet wet with this technique. But I think there is enough going on here, you can challenge yourself with color selection if you would like to.   Fabric Selection: I like to use a lot of different fabrics in my quilts. So in my sample you will see that Iu have used multiple fabrics. I even mixed fabric lines ... ...read more

Double Ringed Pincushion Tutorial

20 Apr 2012

double ringed pincushion

Download the pattern and printable instructions here. Course Instructor: Carina Gardner at www.carinagardner.com Fabric Line: Dainty Blossoms by Carina Gardner for Riley Blake Designs I created this pincushion because I loved the idea of a series of pincushions that I could use all around my studio. You can create several of these simple rings and place them on a stand when not in use or have the rings scattered around your sewing room (or in my case, around the whole house). You can organize them by types of pins (drop your safety pins for pinning together your quilts ... ...read more

Embellish with Buttons

16 Apr 2012

  Attention crafters, sewers and quilters.  I am about to change your life forever!   Want to make a quick gift, a gorgeous accessory for your favourite outfit or add some fun to a quilt?  Life is alot more exciting with buttons!   Hi there, it is Jackie from Jackie's Art Quilts visiting today. I do all things embellish related, especially 3D. I am going to show you how you can accessorize your style with buttons and how you can add buttons to your quilts to really cause a stir.  Riley Blake has the funkiest buttons.   You can get flower shaped, jumbo ... ...read more
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