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Riley Blake Designs Quilty Scraps™

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Item Number: ST-27257

Release Date: December 2022

Item Description: The Riley Blake Designs Quilty Scraps™ bags are perfect for your sewing room, retreats, or in the car. This set of 12 biodegradable, plastic bags features two adhesive strips so you can hang it near your sewing machine, on your dashboard, or wherever you are sewing to collect your sewing garbage, and then seal the bag when you are finished. They would also make great scrab grab bags. Size is approximately 9" x 12".

“Green” details:
• Material: Made from a combination of PLA (a plant-based bioplastic) and PBAT (a biodegradable random copolymer). Both are considered sustainable and are two of the most popular biodegradable plastic polymers.
• Recycling: Compost with food waste
• Composting Time: 3-6 months