Go-to Basics Program

Go to Basics Program

Welcome to the Go-to Basics Program information page. The program details are as follows. If you have any additional questions or would like to sign up for the program, please contact your Sales Representative or Riley Blake Designs Customer Service (888-768-8454).

Go-to Basics Revolving Program

This program was designed as a way to facilitate the purchase of the Basics lines. It offers the opportunity to purchase entire case pack collections of the offered Basics lines at greatly discounted rates and to receive them via free shipping.

There are currently seven variations of this program, each of which features a different Basics line—Confetti Cotton Solids, Shades, Swiss Dot, Hashtag, Dots, Kisses, and Tone-on-Tone.


  • Purchase the complete case pack of one of the offered Basics lines. Prices vary per program. Each program can be paid in three equal installments.
  • Receive all bolts of the Basics line with free shipping.*
    • *Free shipping only applies to the initial shipment and is currently only available in the lower 48 states. However, we can offer Hawaii and Alaska a large shipping discount. Please call for specific details.
  • Take advantage of a 10% discount on the new Confetti Cotton Solids (C120s) and a 20% discount on all remaining Basics lines, including knits and home décor, during the remainder of the current quarter.
  • Use the Go-to Basics Program discount on another Basics line at the end of the quarter.
  • To help sell-through, we will provide support materials and free patterns.


A program may be entered into at any time; however, the ensuing discount on subsequent purchases is only valid through the end of the current quarter (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December).

No additional discounts will be accepted towards the Go-to Basics Program.


Stripes Collage


    Receive a 10-yard, 32 bolt case pack of the Stripe collection (320 yards) 24% off!

Tone-on-Tone Collage


    Receive a 10-yard, 31 bolt case pack of the Tone-on-Tone collection (310 yards) 24% off!

Kisses Collage


    Receive a 10-yard, 42 bolt case pack of the Kisses collection (420 yards) 24% off!

Dots Collage


    Receive a 10-yard, 39 bolt case pack of the Dots collection (390 yards) 24% off!

Hashtag Collage


    Receive a 10-yard, 40 bolt case pack of the Hashtag collection (400 yards) 24% off!

Swiss Dot Collage

Swiss Dot—

    Receive a 10-yard, 37 bolt case pack of the Swiss Dots (370 yards) for 24% off!

Shades Collage


    Receive a 10-yard, 64 bolt case pack of the Shades collection (640 yards) for 24% off!

Confetti Cottons Collage

Confetti Cotton Solids—

    Receive a 10-yard, 120 bolt case pack of the Confetti Cottons (1200 yards) for 13% off!