MISSING tooth fairy

Does anyone have the address of the tooth fairy?  Send it our way. We want to file a complaint.  Our youngest son lost his first tooth yesterday.  He was so excited, he had waited and waited all year for this.  He carefully placed his tooth in a plastic bag to make sure it would not be lost under his pillow.   7:58 am the next morning, tooth remains no cash.  Did the tooth fairy forget, was she sleeping on the job, or did she get distracted because she was doing laundry late at night and watching the food channel?  We will never know.  However at 8:03, while sad child was in another room, the tooth fairy redeemed herself by quickly snatching the sad child’s tooth and replacing it with a handful of ones.

……The tooth fairy was so good with our first two children, never missed a tooth.  Our third child found out only once that the tooth fairy takes vacations.  But a child’s first tooth, she must be off her game and showing her age.


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