Riley Blake updates

It has been a few weeks of craziness, but I finally have a moment to update our blog. Our warehouse was closed for a couple of days due to sidewalk construction. We took advantage of the closure and took a quick trip up to Jackson hole, Wyoming and Yellowstone park. And Yes!!! Our trip was complete when we were able to see a bear just 30 feet away from our car in Yellowstone Park. The black bear was just meandering around a stream close to the side of the road.

But back to work!! Jina and I have been working hard with our artists on 4 new lines for the new year that will be available to pre-order the end of next month. We love each line…. and think you will too. As far as our current lines….Everyone that pre-ordered “Ivy Trellis” should have their order, contact us if you have not received it yet or want to order this elegant line. We have enjoyed the feedback on “Ivy Trellis”. Thank you.

Our second shipment of “Just Dreamy” is here. Contact us for reorders. Many of these prints are selling fast.

“Be Merry” is in LA and we should have it next week. Thanks for you patience on this line. It is so cute, we think it will be worth your wait.

“All Star” and “Wanna be a Cowboy” News…. because of popular demand we have decided to run “All Star” in flannel and selected prints of “Wanna be a Cowboy” in flannel too. “All Star”is the same artist that brought you “Just Dreamy”. Our “Wanna be a Cowboy” strike-offs are in and look great. I will try and post pictures soon.

Thanks for all of your orders. ….We hope you are enjoying your summer and are finding time to sew!

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